2 Pack Panasonic NiMH AAA Rechargeable Battery for Cordless Phones

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2 batteries panasonic aaa nimh batteries will work for almost all phones that use aaa rechargeable batteries these are 700mah but will work with other mah Replacement Battery for Panasonic Cordless Dect 6.0 and KX-TG43xx Series Telephones: KX-TG1032/33/34, KX-TG823x Series, KX-TG63xx Series, KX-TG93xx Series, KX-TG43xx Series, KX-TH1211/12, KX-TGA101/430/630/930/935

Facts About 2 Pack Panasonic NiMH AAA Rechargeable Battery for Cordless Phones

Will energizer aaa rechargeable batteries work with a panasonic cordless phone.. hhr-55aabu 1.2 volts x 2?

I don’t see why not.

will they work on model KX-TGA931T

I believe it will. I went into Panasonic website and searched for the battery for your model and it shows the same one I purchased. Hope this helps.

phone kx-tga740 that came with panasonic hhr-65aaab batteries. is this an acceptable and safe alternative battery?

I bought two batteries about a year ago and phones are working fine. Hope it’s compatible.

Will they work for kx-tgca21?

Anyway I can’t answered to that but work extremely good for my house phone

Can i return the batteries, they are fine but my unit doesn’t work but the batteries are fine?

You can go to a watch store and have them test the battery. Sounds like your unit is faulty.

I have model kx-tcd532 the oem batteries supplied are black in color are these orange batteries the proper replacemant for the model phone i bought?

Yes they will work with any device that uses AAA NiMH Batteries.

Will it work for panasonic model kx-tgca20?

My Panasonic phone manual includes the same instructions for 8 models. Unfortunately, your model number is not one of the 8, so there is no way of my knowing if these batteries would work in your model.

Bk30aaabo 1.2 300mah

I would be careful with the mah. These batteries are 700mah. Not using the recommended batteries could damage your phone.

will they fit kxtge 230 ?

They are ni-mh as specified in the kxtge 230 user Manual.

Will these rechargeable batteries work with a panasonic cordless phone model #kx-tgd210?

I’m not familiar with your phone model, but these batteries are standard for most Panasonic phones, just open battery cover and check your battery serial number.

Will these work on model kx-tgda50?


Panasonic model kx-tg 833sk

Batteries I received did not work.

will these batteries work for a panasonic acj96nkx-tga651 cordless phone ?

I am not sure, but they did work for my Panasonic Model KX-TGL430, which called for a different type of Panasonic battery. I believe what I read was if it was a Ni-MH battery it would work and it did.

Do you have batteries for panasonic cordless phone model kx-tg530

Don’t know, not the same model as my phone. Look inside your phone at the batteris.

I need 12 of these. What is the most economical way to order them. Can shipping be combined?

They come in larger bulk than these and you’ll more.

Info About 2 Pack Panasonic NiMH AAA Rechargeable Battery for Cordless Phones (Reviews From Amazon)

So far, so good

So far, so good. Had these now for a few months, and they seem to be working without fail. No complaints. It is so much more convenient buying them online and having them delivered than having to go to the battery store.

great cordless phone battery

Our cordless phone stopped working,,,,,then realized that the rechargeable battery wasn’t charging. S o glad I found this battery (same brand that came originally with phone — Panasonic– on Amazon and at a fair price. Phone is back working again. Whew! Happy with purchase.

Good battery but necessary ev

Only battery that will work correctly in my cordless panasonic land line phones. Don’t know why, and I’ve tried 6-9 brands, but they’re the only ones that work. Oh well it’s the old adage when they got u by the %^& you heart mind and pocket book are going to follow.

They work fine.

Put these in one of my older Panasonic cordless phones. The original batteries were labeled 600 mah minimum. The new one are 700 mah so they work fine. The important thing is to find a battery that matches that number not the volts since they all seem to be 1.2 volts.

Rechargeable batteries come ready to use

Gave longevity a four start and not five because I just popped in the batteries so I don’t know how long they will last. Otherwise, ease of purchase, ease of use and land line is fully charged. Thank you to the seller.

Direct replacement for the battery in my Panasonic home phone

I still have a home phone with a base station and several handsets. One of them would not stay charged so I bought these batteries as a replacement and the handset works as new.

They shipped very quickly!

Needed them for a Panasonic phone that was dying on me. Put the batteries in, let phone build up, and now it’s just like new!

Exact replacement battery

These replaced batteries in my phone that had lasted for over 5 years. Work perfectly.

Landline phone Batteries

I was so thrilled to find these batteries for such a great price. They are fresh and the phone charged up right away.
During PRIME month I got free shipping and it was Christmas all over again. Thank you !!!

A good battery that has a good lasting power.

I use this battery in a cordless telephone handset and it seems to have a good battery life.

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2 Pack Panasonic NiMH AAA Rechargeable Battery for Cordless Phones2 Pack Panasonic NiMH AAA Rechargeable Battery for Cordless Phones 4.5 View On Amazon

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