Apple AirPods (3rd Generation) (Renewed)

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4.3 out of 5 stars

Introducing the all-new AirPods. Featuring spatial audio that places sound all around you, Adaptive EQ that tunes music to your ears, and longer battery life. It’s all sweat and water resistant and delivers an experience that’s simply magical

Facts About Apple AirPods (3rd Generation) (Renewed)

Si compro el producto hoy aún tiene la garantía de Apple por un ańo ?

Los que yo recibí hace 1 mes tiene garantía certificada con apple hasta noviembre de este año

Viene con cable original?

Sí, vienen con cable.

Vienen en su caja original????

Si, pues a mi me llegó en la caja original. Pero en llegaron sucios no creo que los hayan acondicionado

Are this fake

No they are real Apple AirPods

Los entregan restablecidos de fábrica o quedan con la cuenta iCloud anterior ???

Cuenta de iCloud anterior 👎

Son completamente originales?


What does it means with “Renewed?

Item was previously used and has been refurbished, tested, cleaned and sanitized to be like new.

Se podrían usar con samsung?

Creo que no

Does it have delay when watching movies

Do not buy from this supplier, they only ship the box without the airpods

What if my item doesn’t come in the box will I get full refund?


Llegan a Colombia? Pedí unos Beats flex y me devolvieron el dinero


my airpods are still connected to previous owner, can the seller disconnect them or should i just return them?

You should still be able to use them even if they are connected to the previous owner. You can still connect them to your phone no problem

Vienen libres de cuenta de iCloud, porque los que compre tienen una vinculada me dan garantía por esto ??

Me paso exactamente lo mismo. Y no responden nada al respecto.

¿Es el vendedor quien responde las dudas sobre el producto ofrecido? ¿Estos audífonos se entregan libres para que el nuevo propietario los registre?

No los compres. A mi me estafaron. Venía la caja sin los airpods y nadie me respondió ni me devolvió el dinero.

Have they been unregisterd removal of Previous owners email.


Info About Apple AirPods (3rd Generation) (Renewed) (Reviews From Amazon)

Renewed, 100% like new

Am very happy with my purchase of these renewed airpods. After reading some reviews I had some reservations about buying renewed. Especially the comments about Airpods that were still linked to the account of the previous owner. But mine are fine and digitally and physically ‘clean’ so to speak.
Whether these fit the shape of your ear and are comfortable is a personal physical thing of course. I have no problem wearing them.
Finally, you can’t beat the price of a renewed product of course.

one thing before using is it might connect to a I’d user and managed to change it in bluetooth

100 good so far if want to know if you buying the real thing check airpod serial number its post look light if not fake dark design at the back say design any apple Calionia assembled Vietnam is real if button make loud noise not real soft loud not big noise real if box feel cheap it not real feel brand feel soft it’s real it android doesn’ have the features iPhone users to hear the beat sound that perfectly but quality is still good on iPhone less. Quality ish

I will update soon.

I just got these and I will wait to make a review simply because they’re previously owned and I’ve been having some issues with them connecting because the previous owner didn’t fully take them off his/ her “find my” list. I haven’t really used them yet to know if they cancel out sounds, or if the battery life is good. However, the sound quality seems good for the few minutes that I’ve used them.


These worked perfectly! They did indicate still registered to previous owner Apple ID but does not affect it at all. To me it was not a deal breaker I can still use them on all my devices and music streaming services like Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora and are linked to my Apple ID too no issues which means I can track them easily too. Now if you’ve done your research and know what air pods 3 can do such as the spatial audio, adaptive EQ, skin sensor motion section, water and sweat resistant etc then these have it all work excellent and really loud too. Also got the AirPods Pro’s for my son by I personally like these better especially the fit, but do try them at the apple store or try someone else’s if possible to see if you like how fit you. But I’m a Dj and compared to my Beats these sound Better!

Look brand new

My AirPods look brand new, no scratches on the case even… my AirPods weren’t paired to anyone else’s phone and work perfectly. Was a little worried after reading some reviews but I would just make sure you pick a reputable seller.

Pleasantly surprised

I hate Bluetooth headphones. The idea of having to charge an accessory really turns me off. I bought my first ever pair of AirPods and they really surprised me. My only complaint is that I didn’t get them sooner.

Great Purchase

I’ve seen others saying that it was apparent their airpods have been used or had factory reset issues. I decided to take the risk and i’m very pleased with my purchase. The price was unbeatable and the condition my airpods came in reassured me they were cleaned thoroughly (the packaging smelled like a hospital when I opened it). Other than a small scuff to the exterior of the case that I was able to remove, they arrived in pristine condition.

so happy w these!!

they came w all the original packaging and the charging case and charger. they were cleaned which was very important to me lol. they popped up on my phone right away it said “not ur airpods” and then i held the button down and it connected easily. so so happy w this purchase, they are $60 dollars of the og price and they are exactly the same.

Great pricing and excellent quality!

For the pricing and quality, I must say these feel just as new as buying a pair of AirPods straight from Apple! In comparison to the 2nd gen, the 3rd gen are a bit more smaller which makes them easier to work with in my opinion. I usually carry them with me at work or just when I’m going out and have not experienced any fall-outs from my ears after wearing them for a long time. They were ready and easy to connect out of the box. I’d definitely recommend buying these renewed if you want a cheaper pricing and excellent quality from AirPods!

Excelente producto

recibido en Colombia con un Excelente empaquetado, no tiene ninguna marca de uso y la caja esta en muy buen estado

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Apple AirPods (3rd Generation) (Renewed)Apple AirPods (3rd Generation) (Renewed) 4.3 View On Amazon

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