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Facts About Apple TV Siri Remote (2nd Generation)

will this work on older apple tv?

Not true about the black remote. Only Apple TV model numbers A2169 and A1842.

Can you replace the battery on this one?

No but since it has to be charged about every 4-6 months it seems unlikely the battery will ever get enough cycles to need replacement. Just avoid frequent charging.

Can you pair with iPad Pro 2021? If so what functions can it do.

It can’t be paired with any iPad or iPhone. Only the Apple TV.

Does it come with any cables?

Yes it comes with a white UBS charging cable, best remote yet!

Can you pair two siri remotes to an apple tv 4k (second generation) and have work on one tv? If so how do i pair them since i broke my original one?

On my Apple TV, you pair a remote by simply holding the remote close to the Apple TV. On my gen 2, when you pair a new remote, it deletes the former one automatically.

How do you active voice command with the new remote? There isn’t a mic button on this one.

On the side, up near the direction buttons and pad is the Siri button. Look at the directions that came with the remote, they are very accurate.

Will this remote charge wirelessly with a charge pad?

No, it has to be plugged into a lightning cable. It takes an hour or 2 to charge and a full charge lasts me about 3 months, and I use it daily.

Can you have both the old, and this new remote, paired with the apple tv 4k at the same time? we like to each have our own remote in our household.

You might consider the "Channel Master Simple Remote, CM-7000XRC Compatible with Apple TV and Apple TV 4K – Replacement, Secondary Remote Control" that Amazon sells, only $25 each. I have had great success with these (I have six of them now for various reasons). They use IR technology instead of Bluetooth, so you can… You might consider the "Channel Master Simple Remote, CM-7000XRC Compatible with Apple TV and Apple TV 4K – Replacement, Secondary Remote Control" that Amazon sells, only $25 each. I have had great success with these (I have six of them now for various reasons). They use IR technology instead of Bluetooth, so you can use multiple remotes (without any pairing). They may not be as "slick" as the Apple remotes, but they are quite functional and, in many ways, I think more usable. You can program the volume and on/off keys for your TV (though in some cases I’ve had to iterate through over 200 settings until I got to one that worked)

Is it possible to use this device as a pointer, that is, to pass sheets in a presentation?


Does a light come on remote when fully charged?

No light. You can see the remote’s charge level at Settings > Remotes & Devices > Remote.

Will this work with a late 2012/13 iMac as a multimedia remote control (volume etc)?

I doubt it. The device is specifically for the Apple TV box. You can probably pick up a used one of the old remote controls specifically for the iMac. They were white and quite small.

Does this remote have AirTag functionality to help me find it if I lose it in my house?

Nope, it does not.

Took me awhile, but i learned how to successfully use the 1st gen 4k apple remote. did i just save $60?

I guess if it works.

Will this remote with the md199ll/a unit?

Based off of what I can find online I would say no.

84.99 price??? if its 60 on apple store

I paid $60, that should be the price everywhere. Double check the seller (Amazon might be sold out)

Info About Apple TV Siri Remote (2nd Generation) (Reviews From Amazon)

Easy as Apples 🍎

I have the Apple 4K TV 1st Generation and its been pretty great for me so far in our living room. Some of the pains and quirks I’ve had over the years was just the remote. It wasn’t the worst remote I’ve ever had by any means but it wasn’t the greatest either. Once I found out the newer remote was released I thought I would go ahead and try this generation of the remote and see if it was better. Overall I’m very happy with the decision that I made in purchasing the newer remote and ditching the older remote.

Overall I really like the feel of this remote. The size of the remote is slightly larger in my hand (which I think is a good thing). It feels really solid construction and has that Apple quality feel to it. I like now that it has the direction buttons around the click pad. One thing I always disliked about the previous generation of the remote was the fact that my thumb would feel like it was on an ice skate rink or sometimes the remote and apple tv would be have some sort of lag. I haven’t had this issue ever since upgrading the remote. It’s also cool that it has a power button on the upper right corner of the remote instead of it being a menu to put the Apple TV to sleep.

Setup was incredibly easy. I stood fairly close to the Apple TV. Pressed and held the Back button and the Volume Up button for 2 seconds and bam, done. My other remote unpaired and the newer remote was ready to go.

It’s kind of unfortunate the last remote for the Apple TV was a little bit of a pain to live with and having to switch over to the newer one. I still don’t see a reason for upgrading to the newer Apple TV as of yet so I feel like this is a better purchasing decision for now.

2021 – Typical Remote Control (IMO)

First thing I did = plug the thing into my Apple high-speed charger; waited like 30 minutes – then everything started to come to life. The pairing to the Apple 4k (2017) unit was a matter of holding the remote 1 foot (30.48 cm) from the unit and waiting for the magic (like every other remote on the planet).
If you have problems = check your settings in the Apple streaming unit; could be some Bluetooth function or keyboard trick (don’t know).
Remember: it’s a man-made product – you might have to get a woman (daughter, niece) to figure it out. And Bluetooth headphones and keyboards can control the Apple unit (in most cases) – so don’t get hung up on this ole’ remote business.
Hope this helps…

Finally, they fixed their remote!

The previous version “touch” remote for Apple TV was a complete failure in my mind (the one that was all black). I hated it. Just picking it up, you would often inadvertently activate a function. It was hard to figure which way was up in the dark. The touch screen was too sensitive. Awful. Fortunately this new remote works with previous generation Apple TV 4K and Apple TV HD.

I love this remote.

Big improvement over the worst remote ever made

The original remote that the Apple TV came with is arguably the worst remote in history. Couldn’t figure out which way was up, especially in a dark room, and the track pad sucked. Which led me to be willing to pay the ridiculous price tag (thanks, Apple) for an improved version. And it is a big improvement, much more tactile. The smaller track pad and the circular control are a big improvement. But from an ergonomic standpoint, I don’t know why they put the mute button on the bottom. That is where the play button should have been, since it’s the easiest to access. That said, even though this is overpriced 2x easily, it might be worth your bucks.

Much Improved Remote

I have an Apple TV 4K with the older black remote. I found the trackpad on the old version to be very frustrating, so wanted to try the new one. It’s great! The new navigation buttons are clickable which improves the precision, and I can still swipe if I want to.

Great update to the old Siri remote!

I’m happy Apple has created this updated version. It addresses the two main issues with the old version:

-Proper size: the old version was too small, and it didn’t fit well in my hand. This feels better to hold naturally, and it’s thick enough to not get caught in my couch cushion (at least not as often)
-More precise control: I like the combination of the track pad (for quicker scrolling) AND the directional controls (for more precise scrolling, such as skipping through commercials on saved programs). Good combo

In terms of pairing, it was super easy. I’m two seconds, the system both recognized the new device and unpaired the old one.

Bigger, Stronger, Faster

LOVE IT! Fits in my hand. It is robust, haven’t bent it yet. It is thicker than v1.0, but I will gladly take thicker for something that I can now operate without thinking about and doesn’t break the first time I drop or sit on it. The touch controls are much simpler than v1.0 – I don’t have to guess about how and where to push to get it to fast forward or jump back. The button placement takes some getting used to, but LOVE IT! Finally a remote that is as good as the device.

Great replacement for the OG that would not work.

I bought my 2nd Apple TV (4K), moved the 1st Apple TV to bedroom, and put the new 4k in living room. Remote died after about 9 months, had to get a generic remote and hated it, my iPhone would only work the Apple TV and not my TV… so after waiting about a year after remote died, I got the replacement Apple TV remote. Works perfectly, didn’t even have to pair my TV and the remote works both TV and Apple TV. The generic I had to push a bunch of buttons to work both, had to go into settings to turn off Apple TV. Now with the Apple TV replacement remote I push one button and both tv and Apple TV turn off and on. It works better and I have more control over fast forward and rewind with this remote than the original. It’s a great replacement for the original which I could never figure out why it stopped working.

Overpriced but a must have.

Let me start off by saying if you have an Apple TV with the first Siri remote, this is a must. The old Siri remote was so flimsy it had the quality of a Chinese knockout/bootleg. Also the way it was designed we couldn’t tell the top or button especially in the dark. This remote fix all of that and then some. It’s just better in every regards. Is it worth $60? Not really but you have no other choice. If you have the older Apple TV then I’d say this is a must. I’m happy.

Didn’t think it would be much different, but it’s a vast improvement

I’ve had an appleTv 4k for many years and recent bought a second one for the bedroom. I deliberated about buying the one with the “new” remote or the original 4k which was on sale, I went with the older one. Unlike most people, I actually liked the black glass remote, so I didn’t see the need. Fast forward three months. My initial appletv4k Siri remote ( now about 4 yrs old) started losing its charge. Not sure if a tvOS update killed it or if the battery simply wore out … but It suddenly went from not needing to be charged for 4-5 months at a time to needing to be plugged in every day, then it deteriorated further to needing a charge several times a day. I could have swapped out remotes and paired the newer one from the second appleTv to my main set, and for a brief time I went back to the even earlier non-Siri silver remote that I kept for emergencies … that one worked fine ( and has a replaceable battery) but it was more complicated to turn off via menu and didn’t have Siri. I finally decided to try this new style remote instead. What a difference!! The improved fast forwarding and rewinding alone is worth the upgrade. I haven’t lost it in the sofa cushions yet nor have I dropped it— it seems ergonomically comfortable, and I’m generally pleased with everything but the price. It still has a non-replaceable battery so that’s another minus … and I have some doubts about the durability of the clicking components — we shall see. For now, I’m enjoying it and recommend it enthusiastically.

Apple TV Siri Remote (2nd Generation)Apple TV Siri Remote (2nd Generation) 4.8 View On Amazon

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