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Facts About Apple TV Siri Remote

How hard is the new remote to install?

Super simple
Just get the remote really close to the Apple TV and it is automatic

Where can I order a charging cable?

Same charging cable as an iPhone

Do you have to point the remote directly at the apple tv? i want to put it in an entertainment center off to the side..

The Apple TV Remote uses Bluetooth technology which doesn’t need line of sight for the Apple TV itself. However it does rely on IR signals to control TV volume and other devices.

It works for the apple tv 2 ? ( I bought it 6 years ago)


Can I use the siri remote to replace the original apple tv remote?

Yes .Just point it at Apple TV & it will pair

Does it work with Apple box hooked to a tv?

Yes it does. That is what we have, an Apple box connected to our Samsung smart TV.

Compatible with 2nd gen?


Does this remote control really need an battery to work?

The battery is a fixed internal battery that charges via lightning cable. The charge lasts for a good couple of weeks before needing charging, in my experience.

Can i use this new apple remote with an older apple tv?? i currently use the old silver remote…

No you can’t.

Where is the record button on apple remote

There is no record button because the Apple TV does not have the ability to record.

Does this remote come with a power cable?

It comes with a USB Lightning charger cable, but no power to USB plug in.

Does this remote replace the A 1625?

This Siri remote is for the A1625, 4th gen, Apple TV.

Will this work with A1842 4th generation?

I don’t know the answer to that question. Don’t have an A1842.

I just bought the same remote on August 23 and was 44.99 And need to buy another, why didn’t go up $12 in one week?

Amazon prices fluctuate

Can two apple tv siri remotes be used for one apple tv console in the same room if i unpair the current remote so it can allow both of them to work?

I don’t believe so. It has to pair with the remote. I know I tried to pair 2 remotes but it kept telling me I had to unpair then reinstall. I contacted Apple support and they stated you can only use 1 remote unless you unpair each time.

Info About Apple TV Siri Remote (Reviews From Amazon)

Replacement for my dead AppleTV Remote

Apple added a raised ridge around the Home button so that you can feel that it is the home button without looking at it. Very slim and slippery remote. I have a silicone case with a lanyard which makes the remote much easier to handle.


Defiantly get a case my first one shattered

Great replacement

I needed a replacement because I lost mine. It’s great without it I can’t operate the Apple TV

Official Apple TV Remote! Works great, Apple TV or Apple TV 4K units, easy setup, brilliant!

I love my Apple TV 4K remote! I stepped on my other one. When I unboxed my official Apple TV remote directly from Apple, it connected quite easily. It comes with a new Lightning charging Cord too as an additional benefit! When you connect it to your Apple TV, simply be 6-12” away abd the Remote pairs with the Apple TV. It even paired with my sons older Apple TV standard definition. Now I have my master Apple TV remote to control the newest Apple TV model to the oldest! I love my remote! If you found my words and pictures helpful, like my review! Happy TV surfing!

Exactly What I Needed

After washing my previous Apple TV remote in the washer I needed a replacement. Although the new remote was made with the next generation it works very well with my 4th generation system. It comes with a warranty, instructions, and a charging cord which is a plus. To install, you turn on the Apple TV, bring the remote closely to the system and hold down the menu and up volume buttons at the same time. A “pairing” notification will pop up on the screen of the tv and your done. Only one remote can be paired to the system at a time so you will have to re-pair if you try to use another remote.

apple remote

this is a great remote control. I yet have one complaint about this remote as this remote is so thin and my hands are huge so it doesn’t work well all the time but a case helps passed that it works well and performs as it should . It works well with connected devices that have remote connect or connectivity abilities. there can be some annoyances with the touch surface and how fast your fingers and input move can be cumbersome a bit but again this is over looked as you can set the input speed and surface control to a degree. overall this is a rough 5 star remote but it has a minimum learning curve, and also there are some how to videos on the apple website and the others on YouTube with YouTube trust these at your own risk most are good some are bogus.


Not the sellers fault, but Apple should be a little more conscientious with people’s budgets. I was helping a neighbor charge hers and dropped the remote. Apparently some engineer decided to use glass on the back of a TV remote. Thanks!

Nice improvement over original Siri Remote

The re-design of the menu button by including a raised ring around the surface of it makes a nice difference. Formerly, if it was dark and you picked up the remote there was a good chance you had it upside down in your hand without knowing it for a second as you fumbled to make it do what you want. Now that is alleviated, and you know immediately if you are holding it in the proper orientation to function. Our original remote got hit with some kind of juice (pull your mind out of the gutter) and the buttons were sticking. This was super easy to pair to the Apple TV, and works a champ. If your current remote is on the fritz, get this one!

Kids Got My First One Wet!

The kids got my first remote wet. Now, even months later after sitting on my desk, it still freaks out, scanning through content uncontrollably. Moral of the story is DON’T GET THE REMOTE WET!

Also, I love that the remote is small and lightweight, but it is slick as hell! I strongly recommend purchasing a soft silicon case for it. I did, and mine works great!

Like the original

This looks, feels and works just like the remote that came with my Apple TV #4. I am sure if I went through Apple directly the remote would have costed more. It arrived quickly. I ordered a cover to go on my new remote to keep it from falling off my chair arm. The cover I purchased to keep my remote from sliding off everything is elago R2 Slim Case Compatible with Apple TV Siri Remote 4K / 4th Generation (Black) – Slim Fit, Scratch-Free Silicone, Shock Absorption. It fits the remote perfectly.

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