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Facts About Apple USB-C Charge Cable (2m)

Any recommendation for cheaper third-party compatible usb-c to usb-c charging cables? for macbook pro 15”/13” (late 2016 model)

If you want a 6ft 5A cable this is probably still the best bet… AmazonBasics are good and like half price for 9ft but will only do up to 3A (60W). You can find slightly cheaper USB 3.1 & 5A cables at 3ft (like Veckle, IOGear) but it’ll still be close to $20.

Will this work with iPad Pro 11

Collen’s answer is wrong, shes answer about the iPhone not the iPad, this will 100% work with an iPad Pro 11" model. The newer iPad all use USB C.

When Amazon sells a product and says it’s made by Apple, how can I know it’s not a knock-off?

The store selling the cable is the apple store. The actual apple store. It’s just being shipped through Amazon. Idk how people are saying it’s not genuine when it’s literally coming from apple…

Can I charge my iPhone X

No, this has usb c on both ends. The iPhone X has a lightning port. You can buy an adapter that would work.

Is this cable the new 5a usb-c cable? or the old 3a usb-c cable designed for the 2015 macbook 12inch?

Yes, new products! Very nice product! I would like to recommend a good product working very well together with your phone and this cable: ✅Guanda Bluetooth FM Transmitter for Car Bluetooth Adapter (Type C port model).

Is this the correct cable for apple ipad 10.2 32gb ?

First of all, I don’t think it is a genuine apple product. The cable got hot in a short time. And it didn’t charge my ipad

This is not a charger cable. What is it for?

It is a charger cable for Apple products with USB-C ports, like their more recent Macbooks! It charges my Macbook (2019) just fine.

Es original de apple o es otra marca?

Si es original

what would be the maximun wattage support? And the maximun data speed suported?

I am using this for my macbook pro 16 inch 2019 version and so far I haven’t seen any issue. I personally haven’t tried doing any data transfer but for me my purpose was to use for power my mac.

Dose this cord fit a Nikon camera so you can connect it to the iPad Pro 2020

As long as both ports you’re trying to connect are type c

I need a cable for my ipad model a1458, s/n dmpjd5j0f184 (s/n is hard to read). pls help.

From the serial number, I can see you have a 4th generation iPad. If the port is slanted then it is damaged and should be repaired. Once it is repaired, you should be able to connect any standard lightning cable.

How many ft is this cord

2 meters … 6 feet.

use for the Imac air-latest model?

I haven’t tried it yet but I think it’s genuine

Will this cable work with MacBook Pro 15?

Yes, it works with my new Mac Pro.

Can i charge my iphone xr with this ?

No, this is USB-C connector where as XR uses traditional iPhone charger cable. That said you may wanna look for USB-C to IPhone adapter. I think I heard going forward Apple is going to switch to USB-C connector for charging.

Info About Apple USB-C Charge Cable (2m) (Reviews From Amazon)

Reasonably Priced & High Quality USB-C to USB-C Charging Cable

When buying USB-C to USB-C cables, there are two key characteristics to pay attention to: full-featured vs charging, and whether or not the cable supports greater than 60W of USB Power Delivery charging. A charging cable is basically a simplified full-featured cable with the high-speed data lines removed, allowing for a less expensive USB-C cable that can still give a great charging experience. Charging cables can be built with as few as 5 wires inside, compared to 15 or more wires needed for a full-featured cable, so the trade-off for their lower price is that charging cables don’t support USB SuperSpeed, Thunderbolt, or DisplayPort.

This Apple USB-C Charge Cable supports charging at greater than 60W, and for the price, it seems to be a bargain. It checks all the important boxes for an on-the-go, in-your-bag charging cable: 2 meters long, slim and light weight, supports the full 100W charging capability of USB Power Delivery, and it uses high-quality deep-drawn connectors. It would be nice if Apple offered longer versions of this cable, but at least there are several third parties like StarTech that sell USB-IF Certified charging cables up to 4m long.

The USB-C spec allows for both drawn and stamped connector plugs, but I’ve found that the drawn connectors are better in terms of durability. Drawn connectors look like they’re made from a single piece of seamless metal whereas stamped/folded connectors are usually made of a softer metal and will have a characteristic seam running down the middle of one side of the connector plug. There is nothing inherently wrong with a stamped connector; instead, I’m just highlighting the fact that this cable comes with a drawn connector at a reasonable price.

Genuine Apple product works well.

If you buy it directly from Amazon you’ll definitely get a real Apple product.

Came in fast and looks to be real Apple product …

Came in fast and looks to be real Apple product. Just research what cable you need, will not work on standard iPhone. Type c end not lightning. I peeled back label to see if it has correct writing on it.

Great USB C Cable

I recently upgraded to a new iPad Pro and have been using a 6ft Apple lighting to USB C cable but the new iPad is USB C on both ends so none of my other cables would work and I didn’t want to use the short 3ft one that comes in the box. I have a 5ft 3rd party one that is super stiff and is always kinked so I decided it was worth the money to buy the actual Apple one. It appeared to have never been opened and the quality is so much better, the wire is thicker and heavier yet very flexible and always lays flat. Some people complain of knock offs but I bought this directly from Amazon Warehouse so I believe it’s genuine as any other time I’ve bought Apple cables from them and even if it isn’t the quality is so good I’m happy with it either way. I’m sure you can get an affordable yet well made generic USB C cable anywhere but if you can get an Apple one at a discount from the Warehouse I’d recommend recommend it.

I don’t understand other peoples reviews

I hate that I feel the need to even write this, but for whatever reason there are people who have uploaded photos of wildly abused cables, and they don’t even look like they bought them on Amazon. I order this bad boy almost 18 months and it gets a ridiculous amount of use. I am constantly on the go and this cable is insanely durable. Even more insane is that people are wasting their time thinking anyone should care because its literally not even $20. It’s without a doubt the least most expensive thing to replace by Apple.

Yes, this is an actual Apple cable, not a no-name knock-off.

I just want to confirm for anyone wondering if they are buying a real. Apple cable or a knock-off. If you buy this direct from Amazon, it is the official Apple cable, as shown in the pic attached to this review.

This cable charged my 2017 15″ MacBook pro at the full 87W (19.6V at up to 4.2 amps)

Amazon for the win

My husband left his cord out where our cat who is a chewer got to it.
I checked apple site to get a replacement. Apple wanted $39 so off to amazon i go.
I found and ordered for less than half that price.
He was so cranky and refused to use my cable so I ordered it Friday night.
Saturday around noon it showed up.
He opens the package and it’s an apple package.
He gets the cord out and it’s identical in length, color, feel etc.
You literally can not tell the difference at all between his replacement cord and my original.
I do not understand the reviews about how this is a knock off or how it’s so expensive.
I don’t know how amazon does it but they did.

On a side note one of the review I read was about someone having it smoke when put on a comforter.
This is an issue with all electronic equipment and it doesn’t matter the brand.
Electrical stuff gets warm and can get hot. Proper ventilation is essential for a safety standpoint

Sturdy cable; good length; does exactly what it’s built to do (it’s a charging cable – what more can I say?)

The media could not be loaded.  The Short and Sweet Version:

– Does exactly what it’s built to do
– Good, fast charge on the Macbook
– Sturdy material
– Good length. Not super short but not super long either. For me, it’s actually perfect

It’s a charging/USB-C cable. There’s really not much you can say about it.

Hey, get an extra…one for travel one for home.

I’m new to the Mac’s c-charging system, but, given their original issues, and the problems with the MagSafe 1 & 2 (where they get one thing right, then wrong, then add a fix, then wrong again. I can already feel confident that I will have fewer headaches with this setup, than Apple’s prior POS Charging cables. At least, this allows you to charge from any setup that accepts usb c-c…and makes traveling with the charger and cable easier–and since you can separate the two, you’re already minimizing wear around the ends of the cable. Whether this will be an apple charging cord that is more “durable” than any other (ie, any generation iPhone, iPad) I doubt. But investing in a bit of wire sheathes at the first sign of cracking saves bundles and is super easy…it just won’t be a ‘white’ wire anymore–but, they usually aren’t by then anyway. So, Its a 5 star rating with all 4 stars (because I got a sweet deal on this, and the regular price is still complete Apple gouging BS) 🤣 So, when they are on sale, not a bad idea to pick up, just in case, you know, Apple fails the cord test–again (or you just want to leave one in a travel kit/backpack and not worry about anything but your charger.)


Just when I thought my entire life was over (because apple wasn’t open during Covid), I obviously went onto amazon to see what my options were. I was pleasantly surprised and extremely happy with the result. This will NOT disappoint you! I of course read all the reviews and was kind of skeptical about purchasing it myself, BUT for the price I wasn’t complaining. BUT! LET. ME. TELL. YOU. THIS charging cable feels and looks EXACTLY like the original Apple charging cable. And assuming It came in an apple box I think it’s actually their product. Heck, I might even be wrong about the product NOT being apples, but I’ll tell you this, it’s value for the money is HIGH QUALITY HONEY!! All the bad reviews do this product no justice. None of the things that people were saying happened to them, happened to me. Therefore, I highly recommend buying this for your laptop.

Photos: here is what it looks like!
I held my OLD charging cable right next to it, I even measured it and all that good stuff. It’s EXACTLY the same cable. I always have my laptop plugged in unless I’m traveling somewhere with it, and the cable has held Up it’s end pretty good. Look at the box it came in too. People were saying they got a phony cable that came in the infamous Apple Product box, but not me!
Any who! I hope this helps.

Apple USB-C Charge Cable (2m)Apple USB-C Charge Cable (2m) 4.7 View On Amazon

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