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Facts About Apple USB-C to USB Adapter

Will this work with a macbook air (13 inch retina display)?

I need to download from my macbook pro to my apple macbook air to my 2.5 external hard drive, will this work???

Can you connect an external hard drive to the iPad Air 2 with this?

Current Information as of 2021:

You need an iPad model that has a USB-C port: … Current Information as of 2021:

You need an iPad model that has a USB-C port:
iPad Pro 11-inch (1st generation) or later
iPad Pro 12.9-inch (3rd generation) or later
iPad Air (4th generation)

does it work with usb 2.0

All USB 3.x (USB-C) are backwards compatible with USB 2.0.

Will this allow me to use my mic to record my music when I connect It ?

This cable is just used to connect a USB-C (small usb) connector to the more popular size USB connector. It has nothing to do with Microphones.
However if the question is will this USB-C to USB when connecting my computer to an external USB drive allow music to be recorded to a CD in an external USB drive the answer is Yes.

Will this cable adapter allow both charging and syncing if an iPhone were to be attached?

Yes it should. I tried with my 6th generation iPod Touch and it is charging and connected to iTunes, so it will sync. As you may know, you can sync your iPhone wirelessly via WiFi as an option.

Will this allow me to connect my new apple phone to my Dell computer with usb port to download pictures?

No. You would need to add a USB cable between the computer and this device. This piece allows you to connect a standard USB cable to it only, not connect a computer to your phone directly.

how eject properly & how long is cable cuz I’m getting conflicting answers?

To eject, on a Win machine, I use the Windows Explorer icon in Systray. End-to-end length is apx 13cm (5.25 in).

Can I download pictures from my iPhone with this adapter?

I can import pictures linking a flash drive to this device to myMacBook Air, so it makes sense that photos could be exported from my Mac to the flash drive.

Can I connect this to a mouse to use with 6th generation iPad?

As long as the 6th gen iPad is running iPadOS and the correct accessibility setting is turned on, it should work.

Will this work for my Bluetooth ps4 headphones

If the ps4 headphones have a usb male connector for charging, then yes.

Is this compatible with all iPhones?

You need a lightning cable to connect the iPhone.

Please confirm this is an authentic apple product if ships from and sold by thank you!

Yes, it is an authentic Apple product, and it’ll be shipped in the original authentic Apple retail packaging. It is sold and shipped by me, not

I’ll ship the same day as the purchase…………CorvetteBobby

Will this fit the macbook air 2020 and iphone 11pro max?

Yes, it will fit the MacBook Air 2020 and not sure about the phone.

Will this work with an ipad pro?

It should, yes. The 2016 iPad Pro model works with it since it has the lightening port.

Will this work with a older 2014 MacBook?

This adapter will work with any device that has a USB type C connection port.

Info About Apple USB-C to USB Adapter (Reviews From Amazon)


this is legit the actually Apple product . It works so good . I charge my phone , I plug the USB from my printer into this and words amazing. You don’t have to adjust anything or worry about it not working .

The new power plug 4 port is nice but again I think it should have been included

Just what I had to have to be able to use anything ! And the Price is way too much.My first thought was that it would be included with theNEW MAC BOOK PRO as costly as it is. The new power plug 4 port is nice but again I think it should have been included. $20.00 more dollars after spending what a person has already spent I think is a cheap shot out of Apple.

A necessity for those who own the newest style of Macbook

I bought a new Macbook Pro 2016 this about 4 months ago. Despite how disappointed I was that apple was getting rid of all of the useful ports in their newer model of Macbook computers, I had to get an adapter so that I could access my files on my flash drives. I am hesitant to use off-brand products for my Apple products, probably because I take very good care of them as they are an investment in a sense, so I bought the Apple adapter with the USB port. So far this has worked flawlessly and I have had no issues using it. The only reason that I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is that I am not a huge fan of the few inches of stiff cord that separates the ends of the adapter. It feels like a good quality cord, but I can see it getting a short if it were to accidentally bend a little too far during use. I cannot say for sure that this will happen though, so don’t let that be the only reason keeping you from buying this. I understand Apple wanting to make things smaller and push towards wireless use, but am disappointed that they got rid of the USB/HDMI ports. If you are in the same boat as me and need an adapter to use USB products, this is about as good as it gets!

Genuine Apple product

What I received was a genuine Apple product in Apple packaging. The USB-C connection is exactly the same as the connection that powers my MacBook Pro. The USB port works perfectly and is currently connected to an HP printer. It was a great convenience not to have to travel to an Apple store or wait for a delivery from Apple. The price was better, too.

Do you believe in miracles?

There have been a few transubstantiation miracles throughout history. Jesus Christ turned water into wine. He also turned wine and bread into his blood and body. But Jesus is not alone in his transubstantiation abilities, oh no no no. Apple, you know, the computer company, has done it folks! They have turned USB in USB-C and what a product! It’s small. It’s white. It allows for CORDS to PLUG IN to BOTH ends! It allows you turn a run of the mill USB cord into something that can plug into a USB-C outlet! They’ve done it! And for the low low price of only $13.20. Cable? More like a godsend! Thanks Apple for making me a true believer!

Far More Powerful than other “sleek” Dongle/Adapters

DEPENDS: what’re you using it for? Something powerful or something sleek.

I ordered this at the same time I ordered the two pack of “nonda USB C to USB Adapter” (these are all for my 2019 Macbook Pro). Long story short, I did not consider how much the power could vary between these two types adapters. If you need it for anything besides a thumb drive or computer mouse USB transmitter, then this is the one you want. Here’s what happened:

I connected an ethernet cord to the sleek Nonda adapter and a speed test showed me having wifi download speeds around 72.76 Mbps (see image). That couldn’t be the right speed because my colleague was getting speeds over 100. I switched my adapter to this Apple adapter and another speed test showed 119.00 Mbps. Clearly the Apple dongle is designed this way (see 3rd image, white adapter is apple and next to silver Nonda) because the cord helps it transfer more power. I did not know that, but seems like It might be common sense to others.

Now I know to use the Nonda dongles only for small things like my thumb drive files and my computer mouse USB. When I need to connect my microphone, charge my phone, or connect to ethernet (all of which require more power), I’ll use this Apple one. ACTUALLY, I just ordered this “LENTION USB C to 3 USB 2.0 Ports Hub with RJ45 Ethernet LAN Adapter” which I’ll keep at my office because it claims to be very powerful, have high speed ethernet capability and 3 USB ports, all for $15! Solid…well, we’ll see if it matches up with its claims.

P.S. Why, oh why, Apple, didn’t you leave these new laptops with at least one USB port?? You sure screwed us on that one. But thanks for this quality dongle, I guess? Ughhh! Still mad at you

The best choice

I recently got a new MacBook Pro M1 and it only has USB-C ports. I don’t have any flash drives that fit. I almost bought the two-pack of dongles to allow me to connect USB devices but I saw that because they are strictly pass-thru, they do not allow room for more than one device at a time since they remain close to the computer and spacing is tight.

The Apple designed adapter takes this into account and uses a short cord to get the USB sized connector away from the smaller USB-C sized port. This allows me to connect my existing devices and still access the other port to charge my computer.

The item is the expected high-quality I’ve come to appreciate from Apple products and I’m happy with the price.

I will mention that the first time I tried to connect my flash drive, it was more than snug. I worried I might break something from trying to force it. It did connect without difficulty and may be unique to mine, but be aware the USB connection may be tight at first.

For me, the Apple adapter was the best choice.

A Must-Have for Newer Macs

After deciding to replace my 2015 MacBook Pro with the 2020 MacBook Air with the A1 chip I realized that this is a necessity if I wanted to continue using anything with a USB connector. I noticed other knock-off versions of this adapter on Amazon which were cheaper, but after deciding to fork over the price of a new MacBook Air I thought why skimp on a few bucks for an adapter?

Of course it works and will probably outlast my new MacBook Air. There’s other knock-off versions of this adapter available on Amazon, but considering the price of the computer it’s being used for why role the dice just to save a few bucks?

Open the file manager

If only I had known…I read dozens of complaints about this adapter and how it didn’t work. But I bought it anyway. It didn’t work! The nice Amazon rep had no clue either but got me a replacement in 24 hours. But it still didn’t work. I couldn’t get my pictures off my flash drive when I plugged it on to my iPad. Then I watched the YouTube video on how to do it. If you don’t want to do the search and watch the video—plug in the correct end to your iPad. Plug the other end to your USB flash drive. On your iPad, click on file manager. Wait patiently. It’s slow. Your named or No name flash drive will appear in the menu. Touch it. Wait. It’s slow. Your flash drive content will appear. Copy and paste whatever you want from the flash drive to another folder in file manager. Done. Now why couldn’t they just have said that in some instructions??? 🤦‍♀️

Works on iPad Pro 2019 with limitations of iOS. Basically a camera connection kit with USB-C plug.

Reading through the reviews and questions, I was really confused about whether this would work or not on my iPad Pro from late 2019, meaning it has the larger USB-C port instead of the lightening port. It does work well with the caveat that it’s not as simple as plugging a device into a Mac computer. By downloading the app FE File Explorer, I was able to fully access files on a thumb drive by manually mounting the volume in the app. I tried doing the same with an external drive, but the drive requires USB power, which I assume the tablet does not have enough of, so it just let me see what was on the drive but not actually read the files. Hooking up to a printer would not work, because that requires printer drivers iOS does not have.

In short if you want to use this for a specific app that says to use “a camera connection kit”, like running a music app with the iPad Pro 2019 hooked up to a keyboard, you’ll be fine. If you have the technical understanding to understand what a mobile iOS device can be expected to do, you’ll also be fine. If you want it to try and use your iPad Pro like a computer, you’ll likely be disappointed.

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