Apple Wireless Charging Case for AirPods Original Review 2022

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Product Description

Apple AirPods are already the best wireless earbuds you can buy, but if you use an iPhone, there’s an even better accessory for you to consider. The AirPods charging case, available for $129.99, charges your AirPods when their battery is running low, while the case also holds them securely in place. It even lets you listen from your phone’s Bluetooth-enabled speakers while your AirPods are charging in the case. AirPods may not be out yet, but Apple fans who want to get a head start on wireless charging can preorder the AirPods Wireless Charging Case right now. It’s not cheap—it will set you back $159.99—but it will increase your AirPods’ battery life dramatically. The case will also work with second-generation AirPods, so you won’t have to toss out the AirPods you already have.

Facts About Apple Wireless Charging Case for AirPods

I lost my last charging case a while back but still have air airpods. Will it still work with the old buds?

I didn’t try it, but apple announced it works with old airpods

It is the original ?

Yes it is the original charging case. If people brushed up on apple products they would know that due to this being a wireless case there is not light in the middle but on the outside. The lights on the inside were made for the cases that were first made. If you would like you can type in the serial number into Apple w… Yes it is the original charging case. If people brushed up on apple products they would know that due to this being a wireless case there is not light in the middle but on the outside. The lights on the inside were made for the cases that were first made. If you would like you can type in the serial number into Apple website and they can confirm with you whether or not the charging case is legit. I did that and mine is 100% legit.

Does this case work with the iWatch wireless charger or does it need a Qi charger only?

Only a Qi charger (or the Lightning cable).

I would like a protective cover for this case,any recommend?

I find a protective cover from Allas, it is also a wireless charging case.

Is their official apple product ?

It is that is what Amazon sold me an original apple product?

Does this work with air pods 2?

yes it does. That’s what I have.

Will they work with any charging pad

I only used my charger with the original air pods ( from Verizon), as original charger was lost

i bought my son the wired airpods and he lost the case (withing a few days grrrr) will this work?

I had the wired case as well and had no issues with pairing to the new case.

What is the return policy?

The return policy is return it with all accessories, along with the receipt (for proof) and you must do this within 14 days, and you can either get a refund or exchange of the product.

Are these the real airpods case from Apple?

Yes, they are. I bought this for my daughter as someone stole her case on the plane while she slept. She had not had an issue with this recharging case at all.

If i have the original airpods, can i just buy this to have wireless charging capabilities?

Yes they charge my AirPods

Does this case work with the latest model?

It works with all AirPods

Is it like a case that goes over the non wireless charging case that makes it wireless charging?

No, it comes like that wired or wireless charge

Hello, i have second generation air pods i lost the charging case the serial of my charging case was grmz6eaulx2y. will this cover help me?

Not sure about the serial number of your original charging case but your second generation AirPods can use this case. I’m pretty sure i have the 1st generation and I had no issues using this new case. Worth the $$; instead of buying brand new AirPods.

Es compatible cn la primera versión..?

Si claro

Info About Apple Wireless Charging Case for AirPods (Reviews From Amazon)

What a great case for the money!

I left my original case with my air buds in one one of my pants and did my laundry and it never worked after that, but funny enough my air buds still works, so I bought this case with no great expectation, but I most say I am very impressed and it works just like the original and paired with my iPhone in seconds. What a great case!

Highly recommended!

Came in good condition would recommend to anyone who lose their case or need a replacement.

Works great!

Ordered because I lost the original case for my air pods. This was a perfect replacement. Charges fast and connects easily. Good quality case.

Thank the LORD for apple products

Work well with my two “found” apple pod

Keep it safe, small and easily stolen.

Works great.


My new Apple charging case seems to be working now. There are no detailed instructions or troubleshooting guides included with this product so I’m giving 4 stars. After experiencing the ordeal listed below in my original review post… I left the new, empty charging case plugged in for a few hours (6 or more hours) and then tried pushing the button on the case again to connect it to my iPhone via Bluetooth. Surprisingly, it connected and the battery status widget on my iPhone indicated the charging case was 57% charged. I left it charging until the next morning and it was fully charged. I put my first generation AirPods in the new charging case and they charged up in 15 minutes. I have no idea why it took so long for the new case to charge 100% the first time I plugged it in, why it flashed orange and wouldn’t initially connect via Bluetooth (maybe case battery was too low to connect). If you buy this product I would highly recommend taking it out of the box, use an Apple lightning cable, plug it into an Apple charging block or magnetic charging pad or Apple laptop lightning port to charge it over night (leave AirPods out of the case and charge it at least 12 hours) and do this BEFORE attempting a Bluetooth connection or attempting to insert your AirPods into the new case to charge.

Original Review Post:
I bought this replacement case that can be charged with a magnetic charging pad or with an Apple lightning cable. I opened the box plugged it in and it will not charge. I tried 5 different charging cables plugged in to a typical USB wall charging block, into a 5 port USB charging station, and into the USB port in a laptop… nothing worked. I finally logged into an online chat session with Apple Support, waited 10-15 minutes to receive a response from an Apple Representative, the representative was not familiar with the new generation of AirPod charging case which became apparent as his troubleshooting instructions including describing the color of the LED indicator light on the inside of the case (it’s located on the outside of the case) and indicating that the newer generation of AirPod charging case was not backwards compatible with first generation AirPods and would not charge them. After an hour of troubleshooting with the Apple Support Representative he asked for the serial number and my mailing address so he could send a box to me so I can ship the brand new defective second generation AirPod charging case back to Apple so Apple can “repair it.” I asked the Apple Support Representative how much it would cost and he said $79 for the repair. Typical Apple mode of operation… it’s so simple and easy to repair or upgrade an Apple product… you just throw it away and buy a new one. Needless to say I’ll be returning this product back to Amazon.


Genuine Apple is the only way to go

My son got AirPods for Xmas 2019 and by April he lost the case. After hiding it from me for quite some time I finally busted him due to the fact his mom tried to bail him out and bought a knock off case which failed after a few weeks.
I tried everything to connect his AirPods using the phony case but alas it was a lost cause. Apple has a way of blocking companies from making knock offs of their products and this phony was no different.
I purchased this genuine Apple case and within minutes of connecting to a charger the AirPods were reconnected and working great. Moral of the story: Tell your dad the truth and he will gladly replace your lost case, you may get a slight scolding and have some extra choirs to do but hey that’s life. BTW this case was about $10.00 cheaper on Amazon vs. the Apple website. ENJOY

Great just like new OEN

Just like original but now with wireless charging. Excellent




The case worked well. I was give. A pair of AirPods without the case, so I ordered the charging case from Amazon. I wished they would have come with instructions, but I was able to look on YouTube to find out how to reset AirPods. I was able to pair them to my phone and they’ve been working well ever since.


In conclusion, it has never looked so good for AirPods. The new case is a flat, matte gray, its compact size makes AirPods appear even more like AirPods. The charging case will charge your AirPods three times before you need to recharge it.

Apple Wireless Charging Case for AirPodsApple Wireless Charging Case for AirPods 4.7 View On Amazon

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