Arsvita Car Audio Cassette to Aux Adapter , 3.5 MM Auxillary Cable Tape Adapter

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Facts About Arsvita Car Audio Cassette to Aux Adapter , 3.5 MM Auxillary Cable Tape Adapter

Hope you can help :d i have an old sony boombox from the late 90’s, will i be able to use it even if the cassette player is not spinning anymore?

No you wont. Its broken.

My car rejected the player and just spits it out. Is there a way I can fix this?

The cassette player you are using has auto-reverse to play the other side of the tape when it reaches the end on the tape. Use a cassette player without this feature.

When I play Pandora from my phone through car stereo there seems to be an intermittent short skip. Is this normal or is there a defect with the playe?

I listen to Pandora or Amazon Music and it does the same thing with both and it makes a whirring noise also. I think it is the tape. Mine also only plays music out of the right speaker and when my regular radio is on you hear music out of both speakers. This is my 3rd cassette and they all have done this.

Would it work with echo dot what the sounds to come Thur radio

If it has a headphone plug port. That’s playing the dots music through a portable cassette stereo player ?

Does the audio skip if you hit bumps in the road? Tried other brands, they skip.

Mine doesn’t skip at all. Music downloaded in my phone sounds great! I

So when i tried using 2nd time i got error and it got stuck and won’t eject. how do i prevent this?

I wonder if it has more to do with your tape player than the tape. Not sure there is a fix for the tape player. Ours works perfectly.

How do i put in a warrenty claim?

Contact amazon customer support.

What do i do if my package arrived empty and unsealed?

Contact the company or Amazon and get a refund or a replacement.

Just received this item. however, when i pushed the tape into my car cassette player, the tape won’t stay in the car. it just kept ejecting. help?

I didn’t have that problem; but in the past ones have done that…i would may sure those 2 gear like sections are free to spend..also clean the transport head with just a small amount of alcohol on a q-tip. Hope this helps..

What is the Seller’s/Maker’s contact info for the Warranty?

Probably not, they cost like 1 doller to make so the customers service is probably non-existenting.

Could the jack be plugged into a portable cd player to play cds?

Yes any device with a 3.5mm plug-in output can be used. We even have it plugged in to a Bluetooth receiver to stream music from our phone.

Does this work on an Acura tl?

I think if the car has a cassette player, it will work.

Is it supposed to get stuck in the cassette player?

No. The one I bought hasn’t gotten stuck in the cassette player at all. Not yet at east. Had it for about a month now.

Will this fit a 91 Lexus?

I would think so. Its a standard size tape cassette.

Does this need to be plugged in for power or charged?

There is no power required. When you connect the auxiliary cable into your player, the electrical sound signal then comes from your i-phone , i-pad or portable player and is transmitted to your car radio through the Cassette adapter to the internal tape read head in the tape player.

Info About Arsvita Car Audio Cassette to Aux Adapter , 3.5 MM Auxillary Cable Tape Adapter (Reviews From Amazon)

The best ever

To be honest, I saw the reviews before buying this product, there are some very bad reviews, so I became a little hesitant, bought with a try, because I have tried many bad versions before.
But when I received it, I was surprised. Its material is much better than other products. Some of the lines I bought have been very thin, the aux head is easy to rot, some shells are very fragile, and the magnetic head looks old. But this is totally different. Its aux head is made of metal, and the line is thick and durable. I don’t know why there are reviews saying that its aux head is not suitable for any 3.5mm phone. I have tried it completely no problem.
As for the sound. This is the best I have tried. There is no noise at all. It is easy to operate, and the playback is smooth. There is nothing wrong with it. I have been using car cassette to aux adapter since last year, I think this is the best. I will definitely recommend it.

Perfect for my old car

This converter is great for older cars. I use it to listen to music with a lot of bass and treble and haven’t found any loss in quality from my music. I hear the cassette spinning as expected, but to me, it’s hardly noticeable and not annoying at all. Definitely recommend!

I Need 6 Stars to Rate this Device

Six Stars! I was floored with the sound the first time I used this cassette adapter. If I could give it 6 stars I would.

I have been looking for a way to add advertising free music and podcasts for road trips in my 2004 Mercedes (the radio has a fiber optic connection to the speaker amplifier and it is incompatible with any aftermarket radio). This adapter provides very clear sound. Many years ago I tried an adapter with an Ipod to an old minivan but the sound was very poor so I wasn’t expecting too much and am so happy with the sound.

My only down sides are related to the Iphone XS lack of headphone jack so I can’t keep the phone on the charger while I’m using the cassette adapter. Will have to look as some of the split lightening adapters or maybe look at the Bluetooth version of the cassette adapter.

Decent audio

I’ve had no problems with this adapter. My tape player is sensitive, and other adapters would cause the player to switch sides over and over, making playing music impossible. The sound quality is great, as long as you control high volume through the radio, not the phone. Max volume on the phone will cause distortion through the adapter. Very pleased with this item.

Perfect for my need.

Felt like I was taking a chance on an off brand name, but my name brand one only played one side of car speakers.
I was surprised when I tried it. Much better sound quality than my other one. No static, cracking, and lets the bass come through quite well. And the 90 degree jack really helps when my kids pull it out, which is why my other onewas bad.

Nearly perfect product. READ FOR SOUND DISTORTION FIX

At first I wasn’t really satisfied with this product. HOWEVER, I did some experimentation and was able to fix my concerns and now it’s nearly perfect.

For my setup (iPhone XR & a car with full Bose speakers), I found that at full iPhone volume I would experience serious distortion even at 3-5/31 volume on my stereo. I found that setting my phone to 40-60% volume allowed me to max my stereo volume without any distortion whatsoever and pristine sound quality. The device is generally very quite. Casing material is nice and of good quality, and the cable is enjoyable to the touch, thin, and generous in length.

I took off 1 star for the following issues:
Occasionally the gears will get really loud and I have to take it out and gently hit it against something a few times before putting it back in to fix it.

Works better than expected!

The media could not be loaded.  Really impressed! We have a 2002 Golf we picked up for my daughter. It had a radio and a cassette player. She didn’t even know what it was! 🤣😂 we picked this beauty up for Christmas along with a headphone to lightning adapter, and she hooked her iPhone up to it. I was super impressed with the quality of the sound and how well it works. Literally just a plug and play. If you have an older car with only a cassette tape, this is definitely a must have!

Works with iPhone 12, but needs a Lightning port to 3.5 mm adapter (sold separately)

We still have an older car with a tape deck and no bluetooth or auxiliary port to synch with our iPhones. When combined with a Lightning port to 3.5 mm adapter (sold separately), the Arsvita Car Audio Cassette lets us listen to audio from our phones on the speakers, without having to pay to upgrade the entire stereo system. This is a great product that saves a lot of money, and expands the functionality of our older car. There is only one problem with this cassette — when the cassette is plugged in, and the audio is not playing, we can hear the sound of a wheel turning in the cassette on the speakers, which is a little bit annoying, however, when the music is turned up, it isn’t noticeable. This is a great product overall, and we would buy it again. Note – in order for the cassette to work, you have to buy a Lightning port to 3.5 mm adapter which is sold separately.

This performs as expected.

I was happy it operated quietly. The one I was replacing made all the mechanical noises as if it was playing a tape through reels which it doesn’t need to do. This one didn’t do that for me, it was mechanically quiet. Users must remember this is a pickup device, so you must (to have high quality sound and NO distortion) strike a balance between the TWO volume controls you are working with. Set the radio/tape player volume rather low, then raise the output volume on the device you are plugging this into as a sound source until you achieve a satisfactory sound. Raise either volume control too loud and you get distortion so back off on one or the other (and between the two I recommend tweaking your sound source’s output volume to where when you change your radio volume it operates about the same range as if you were listening to a radio station), so it’s imperative you find the right volume setting between the two devices you are asking to work together in using this technology.

When you get those two volumes set just right, then you’ll only need to tweak the radio’s volume control to make the music or speech (if it’s an audio book) the desired playback volume for your enjoyment in traffic conditions and road noise (windows down, etc.). Summary: if there’s distortion, it’s your fault.

Not bad, Bluetooth cassette version is better

I have an older Toyota Camry, and this worked great! I turned the music up louder to test the quality—-you can hear the bass + the sound quality is good (8/10). I can’t really hear the cassette turning unless I turn the music down like to a 20%, and even if you can hear it it’s pretty quiet. I think this is definitely worth the price and better than the Bluetooth FM transmitters (which I’ve also tried before).
Update : I bought a converter cable so I could connect a lightning iPhone cable to this product to use with my phone, and it kept cutting out the music & all ruining the quality. I used several cables since I thought it was an issue with the iPhone cable itself, but the same thing would happen after a few weeks (it might still be the iPhone cable). It would be easier to just buy this same product but the Bluetooth cassette version. You just need to charge that every so often but less cables!

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