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4.8 out of 5 stars

The PG-240 XL Black ink is used for printing documents on plain paper and ensures Sharp black text, and the CL-241 XL Color ink is used for printing vibrant photos and images.

Facts About Canon PG-240 XL / CL-241 XL Amazon Pack

Are the cl-241 and the cl-241xl interchangeable?

Yes. The XL has more ink and a longer life (naturally). I find the XXL even better but I have never seen it in color only in Black. The original printer is packed with the 240 and 241. Perfect replacements are the 240xl and 241xl. Also,I find the real Canon cartridges are much better than the generics; worth the hi… Yes. The XL has more ink and a longer life (naturally). I find the XXL even better but I have never seen it in color only in Black. The original printer is packed with the 240 and 241. Perfect replacements are the 240xl and 241xl. Also,I find the real Canon cartridges are much better than the generics; worth the higher price.

Will this fit a Canon MX475?

I think it uses the PG540 and CG541 cartridges. They also come in XL variety.

Will work on mg 3522


Will this ink work with a canon mg 3222 printer?

Go to the canon website and check it out.

Es compatible con pixma ts5100


is this 4 in total cartridges or 2


compatible with the MG3520 Printer?

MG3520 calls for PG240XL/CL241XL

Can I purchase just the black ink cartridge and how much

Yes, you can. The cartridge is around $20.00. Hope this helps. Look for the 240XL.

Do installation instructions come with the ink?`

No because it depends on your printer. Check your printer instructions or Google your request.

es compatible con MG 3620

Siii la impresora mia es MG3620

Need to return 241xl and 240xl will not fir

Need to contact Amazon customer service.

how to install the canon ink cartridge 240 /241 xl

What printer are you using? Only know how to install these ink cartridges in my printer – Canon MG3520

What is the difference between pg 40 and pg 240?

Double life

expiration date on Canon ink shows where? How do I read it?

I never saw an expiration date on the cartridge or the packaging. Each cartridge is sealed in a plastic container and that container is sealed in two. cardboard boxes. I have never had a problem with the cartridges.

Does this work for canon mg3600 series?

I am not sure, but, my printer is a Canon MG3620 and the color ink cartridges and the black cartridges work fine.

Info About Canon PG-240 XL / CL-241 XL Amazon Pack (Reviews From Amazon)

240xl black and 241xl color

These items were purchased to use in my Canon 3620 laser printer and I have been buying these since the day I bought the printer. The Genuine Canon 240, 241 are perfect for this printer, there’s no smudging and I get a nice clear print each time. I very satisfied with this product, I have been ordering it for years.

Works great!

It’s really hard to find a bundle deal, but Amazon always has it. My local Best Buy or Office Depot sells it separately, and I have to pay a little bit more than what Amazon is selling. Highly recommend buying it as a bundle through here, if you know your ink number for your specific printer. It works exactly the same as if he were to go buy it wherever you normally do.

Lots of ink

For fathers days I was making my husband a picture collage of him and his grandpa (who raised him and was his only father) who a few weeks before passed away, and I was using a new printer that comes with a free photo design application and I kept trying different designs and patterns and the print preview was perfect so I would pressed print well the photos were getting cut off of the paper and I was struggling to figure out the correct settings well after an hour of wasting photo paper and ink I finally got the right settings and to my surprise I only used a little less the half of my ink cartridge. I was printing full page prints on 8×11 paper with high resolution set every time I printed and I printed about 3/4 of a pack of photo paper mostly wasted but I still have ink. Well worth the purchase. I recommend only buying the XL or XXL for your printer. If I would have purchased the regular ink not the XL I would not have ran out of ink before I could have made is gift.

Empty Cartridges *update*

**update 3/27/22**
I ordered again (because local stores are out of stock). This time I opened them immediately and they are fine. I guess I got a bad batch last time. Lesson learned – always open and check things in a timely manner. Haha

I did not open right away, and now its too late to return. The box was a little smashed, but not open. I just opened to replace my ink and both plastic on the compartments were open. I went ahead and put them in my printer hoping they just didn’t seal right. Both cartridges are empty. And I waited to long to open the package so I can’t return them now. I will stick to buying these at Walmart or Target.

Genuine product that works in my printer

When my printer ran out of ink recently, I ordered a refilled cartridge set to try to save some money. Neither worked, despite my efforts to reset the printer. Giving up, I decided to order the genuine product next. They worked perfectly when I installed them. The ink from new cartridges works great with my printer (no smears or skips). They cost a few dollars more, but in the long run, my attempt with re-manufactured carts cost me more in terms of time and frustration.

Perfect. You get what you pay for

Although these are pricey, they are great, genuine quality. I will no longer cheapen out and buy cheaper brands. Definitely worth the money to get good quality ink. The colors are great.

Easy to order, quality is great.

I used to order direct from Cannon for black and white as well as color ink, but their site has become really difficult to make work. I finally gave up trying to use their webpage.. They would also send me free glossy photo paper so it was not a bad deal. Prices were comparable. Problem is, ordering through Amazon was so much easier that this is now my go to for Canon cartridges henceforth. Same product but easier and quicker to order.


so far so good..i have ordered direct from canon before,but this time they did not have the combination pack available, so i went to amazon..exact same in with the exception of canon adding a pack of photo paper as a bonus to it..around 54-56$..much better to order the original ink for printing than the “refills” from other sites as those dont last long and are not full to the top,even though cheaper..

Use Canon for Your Canon Printer

I own a Canon printer and would NEVER use anything but Canon ink in it. Yes, it is pricey, but there is never an issue when you use this ink. In the past I used knock off inks in other printers I had and always wound up with poor quality prints, fade lines, etc. When I purchased my new Canon a few years back I swore I would only use Canon ink in it, and it has saved me both time and money in the long run.

Good Quality Ink

I am very happy with buying my printer ink * cannon 240 black and 241 color from amazon for both it ran about 50.dollars and that is fine as i know at staples it would have been more and i would rather come here to get my things as i can put in more then 1 order and know it will be here in the next day or so. So yes i am very happy with my purchase and the good thing if you are ever unhappy with your purchase amazon will do what they can to make it right 🙂 JL

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Canon PG-240 XL / CL-241 XL Amazon PackCanon PG-240 XL / CL-241 XL Amazon Pack 4.8 View On Amazon

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