Canon PG-240XL ChromaLife 100 Black Ink Cartridge (5206B001)

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Canon PG-240XL ChromaLife 100 Black Ink Cartridge (5206B001) Image 3
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Product Description

High yield ink cartridge is designed for use with Canon MG2120, MG2220, MG3120, MG3220, MG3222, MG3520, MG4120, MG4220, MX372, MX392, MG432, MG439, MG452, MG512 and MG522.

From the Manufacturer

PG240-XL Pigment Ink Cartridge

Genuine Canon Quality

Genuine Canon inks and ink cartridges are designed, developed, manufactured and packaged in Japan. In other words, the entire process is centrally controlled and it makes the quality control simple and well-organized; and helps to maintain the quality of all genuine Canon inks at a high level. All genuine Canon ink cartridges are designed for your easy printing of your beautiful prints.

Improved Print Quality & Speed

Canon has improved the ‘FINE Cartridge’, or integrated print head designed by utilizing FINE (Full-photolithography Inkjet Nozzle Engineering) technology, for higher print quality.

Dye-color ink of latest FINE Cartridge has wider color reproduction with richer colors than the previous generation FINE Cartridge, especially in Red area, i.e. around Yellow, Red and Magenta, to deliver more brilliant output not only on photo paper but also on plain paper.

Key Features

  • Designed with FINE technology, your documents will realize added sharpness, detail and quality.
  • Genuine Canon Ink Cartridges allow free access to exciting exclusive content via Creative Park Premium.
  • New ChromaLife 100 ink formulation has an even wider color range than previous generations.

Compatible Printers

  • PIXMA MG2120
  • PIXMA MG2220
  • PIXMA MG3120
  • PIXMA MG3220
  • PIXMA MG4120
  • PIXMA MG4220
  • PIXMA MX372
  • PIXMA MX432
  • PIXMA MX512


Make Printing Fun

CREATIVE PARK PREMIUM is a premium content service available exclusively to owners of select Canon PIXMA printers only when all of the software and the colors of genuine Canon inks are installed.

The users can download various contents including photographs, paintings or illustrations from universally celebrated artists and print them from their PIXMA at a high quality with genuine Canon ink. Not only printing as a picture as it is, but users can also enjoy creating beautiful your own calendars, greeting cards and more.

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Facts About Canon PG-240XL ChromaLife 100 Black Ink Cartridge (5206B001)

what is the difference between 240XL and 240XXL ink?

what is the difference between cl241XL and pg240XXL ink?

What are the differences between the Canon PG 240XL and Canon PG 240 Non-XL? I’ve read comments that the XL version has more ink than the Non XL but both ink cartridges are same size? o.O

According to the Live chat specialist on, The PG-240 prints about 160 pages, the PG-240XL prints about 340 pages, and the PG-240XXL prints about 540 pages.

What is the difference between the. pg-240xl and pg-240

Hi! Based on industry-standard tests, the PG-240XL ink cartridge can produce approximately 300 pages of mixed text and graphics documents. The regular-size PG-240 can produce approximately 180 pages. We hope this helps!

will this work on mg 3000

NO – Original Printer Cartridges for Canon Pixma MG 3000 Series Printer is Original Canon PG-445/PG-445XL – Black Ink Cartridge

Which is the best value in printers

What do you print? Most of my pages (more than 99%) I print only need black ink. Many times there might be color on the page but I don’t NEED color (think printing a webpage, do you NEED the ads to print in color?), so again monochrome printing is just fine. With that said, I bought a cheap compact laser (i.e. Brother … What do you print? Most of my pages (more than 99%) I print only need black ink. Many times there might be color on the page but I don’t NEED color (think printing a webpage, do you NEED the ads to print in color?), so again monochrome printing is just fine. With that said, I bought a cheap compact laser (i.e. Brother HL-L2300) and that handles most of my printing. It prints crisp text and good quality B&W photos. The toner that is included is supposedly good for 500 prints but I think I got almost 1000 prints before I needed to replace it. A new toner is $23 versus $32 for a ink cartridge and a toner lasts 2500 pages.
So to me, I think if people seriously looked at what they printed they would realize that they don’t really NEED color. So what is the best value in a printer? The slam dunk answer is a cheap monochrome printer.
If you have kids that print reports or print reports for work then your situation may vary. But even then, I’d guess that you still don’t NEED color that much.

Will this work in the MG3250 ?

The MG3250 Euro market printer uses PG-540 and CL-541 cartridges. Doubt that the 249XL is the same. Ha, guess that’s I don’t know! How ’bout contacting Canon?

Do you get just 1 cartridge or the amount pictured?

I got one 240XL cartridge

does this work on the mg3620?


Does the 240/241 replace the 40/41 cartridges?

Hi! Canon PG-240 and CL-241 ink cartridges are not interchangeable with PG-40 and CL-41 ink cartridges. We hope this helps!

Can i use 241 xl color ink for my pixma mg2922 printer

I dont know. but you can go to to check it out. You have to enter mg2922

How many pages the ink last?

Hardly 50

I purchased pg-240xl. It does not fit into printer mg 2922. is it supposed to fit?

Hi Diana! The PIXMA MG2922 is only compatible with PG-245 Pigment Black and CL-246 Color cartridges. We hope this clarifies!

Will this work for pixma 3520 printer?

I searched pixma 3520 on Amazon. Indicates compatible win 240XL.
also lists other ink cartridges that are compatible as well.

will this be compatible with canon pixma mg2520 ?

Sorry I can’t help. Unless the product description specifically says it is for your printer (mine is a 512), I wouldn’t risk it. The best thing to do is query Amazon for :PIXMA MG2520 cartridge, or something like that. Amazon is very good about showing what fix which model if you ask the right question.

Is this compatable with the canon ts3322

I looked this up on Cannon’s website. Black is PG 245XL and Color is CL 246XL.

Info About Canon PG-240XL ChromaLife 100 Black Ink Cartridge (5206B001) (Reviews From Amazon)

Real product, great quality printing, and I can get an ink level on my printer! Yay!

This was a genuine Canon product, it does what it says it does…. you know, fits in the printer and puts ink on the paper. 😉 The XL size DOES seem to last longer than the regular size and I prefer to get the XL instead of the XXL just because I don’t use my printer very often. I prefer to use my old, mostly broken printer because the ink for that one is cheaper… but this ink is much better for more important projects or printing shipping labels. One thing I will note is that I have used the "real" products and the refill products and I have seen that the "real" products are just slightly better than getting a refill. That might just be the place we get the refills, though. The biggest reason that I like having the "real" product is because my printer can actually see how much ink is left and lets me know when I am really getting low. When I use refill ink it does not give me that option and it is extremely annoying! This worked great!

Outstanding ink for my Canon printer

Ink is great, OEM good price, fast shipping.Only issue I have is, the black 240xl carriges are 1) expinsive,& 2) does not last! The 241xl color last almost twice as long.Canon makes their money from the expensive OEM ink they sale, not the cost of their printers.Sometines, you could spend more money on your first ink replacement, then the cost of your printer.Canon, please allow your customers to replace your ink, with other manufactures.You will risk messing up your machine if you use a cheaper replacement.

A++ I’ve bought this one before and it works great, long lasting and zero complaints. Thank you!!!!

seems good enough. Ive bought these before exact brand and theyr’re fine, long lasting etc. unfortunately now my dang printer is giving me a paper jam error 6000 code which I’ve cleaned out and cleaned out and even removed the roller from behind and taken the back off and there is NO paper left jammed but even after a factory reset I cannot get it to clea so it now won’t print and it’s been an excellent printer until now. ugh…home printers are usually junk,…I won’t be buying another once this one dies which it might have but we’ll see….ad far as the ink though 5 stars without a doubt. The last one I bought lasted forever and I’d print a page or two once a week to keep the juices flowing so to speak. 🙂

Works great

I’ll never buy an off brand printer cartridge again. I’ve had my canon printer for a few years and it was starting to print very poorly. It would have blurry lines, missing font, etc. I read online that sometimes the off brand ink can make the printer like this so I decided to spend the extra money for the Canon brand. WOW! As soon as I changed the cartridge I printed a document and it was PERFECT! What a YUGE difference the brand name one makes! I’ll only buy canon ink from now on.

very good but very expensive and I have tried Lexmark very …

At one point, Canon was not my choice because the printers print slow and still they are slow, but with unbeatable quality, so, if you are going for a printer with what I believe is unmatched quality, go for Canon, and make sure to ONLY use the original cartridges, not the imitations. I have tried HP, junk, I have tried Epson, very good but very expensive and I have tried Lexmark very good but also very expensive. The best is Canon, you can buy the least expensive printer and the cartridges do not cost you a lot. In fact, the Canon I have, there are only two cartridges needed, one black and one color, I only use the black and leave the color to set empty, something I could not do with the other printers.

What I needed

Each time I mentioned my ink was low, someone would say "oh it will go a long time saying that". Not all that long! I was out and glad to see my Amazon box as I had a couple things I really needed printed. For some reason I wound up reading the questions on either this cartridge, or possibly another. Over and over someone was asking "will it work on this printer?" When you click on the image and it goes to a full description of the item there’s a little drop down chart where you insert printer brand, series and model. Then it tells you if it works on your printer. It’s quite simple. Maybe it’s just me, but before I pester someone else for help I first try to look around and see if I can solve the issue on my own. At least 9 of 10 times I can with a little or no effort. No skin off my back, I’m just constantly amazed at how helpless(or lazy) many people appear to be. OR, you can get out the product guide that comes with your printer and it will tell you too.

Recommend for quality & great price point!

Ordered two black replacements just to have on hand because I feel like my Canon TS5120 uses a lot of black ink per print. I printed approximately 12 pages and noticed a difference on the monitor in black ink. So my particular printer uses a lot, in my opinion. However the ink dries quickly, I have ZERO smudging, and the ink appears good quality. I definitely recommend because of quality and price point!

Caught in the Brandname Game

When you buy a branded product like a printer, the real cost lies in the supplies that keep it working.The only advantage to purchasing an OEM ink cartridge, as far as I can tell, is that the printer will recognize it and give an accurate reading of ink remaining available. My preference is to have the cart refilled, and live with the lack of information, because I can always look at a printer page and see when it is out of ink. I recently was readying a new book for publication, and wanted to be sure I had enough ink on hand to do what I wanted. The original cart, supplied with the printer, had been refilled once, and was running low, so I bought this one to be sure I had enough, and to provide a second cart for refilling in the future. Being a OEM part, it works perfectly, the printer recognizes it, and the MS got printed when I was ready for it.

Good quality and long lastimg

We all know toner is expensive and I use a lot of It but this is the best price I have found . I love the extra large size, long last. Real new official Canon product. Best deal I’ve found.

Works well!

These go with my printer, I admit, so I don’t have too much flexibility on what I can purchase. However, they are really easy to install. So far I have changed out my ink and gotten this brand five times. There were never any installation issues, leaks, or dramas when I swapped them out. I have to do a lot of printing, as I just finished college and use the printer for important documents and coupons, so it is a good sign that these usually last me around five months or so. Printing using these with our Pixma printer has always resulted in nice, clear, bold output, up to the last bit of ink.

I don’t think I can see myself bothering with trying to use an off brand, because I really appreciate the quality.

Video Review

Canon PG-240XL ChromaLife 100 Black Ink Cartridge (5206B001)Canon PG-240XL ChromaLife 100 Black Ink Cartridge (5206B001) 4.7 View On Amazon

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