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Posted in Bug Fixes by Patricia on September 19, 2022

Home Screen swipes not working

Can’t swipe Home Screen on iPhone after iOS 16 update? Are you unable to swipe-left or right and browse through your various Home Screen pages? This appears to be a day-one bug and we have a workaround for it!

Unable To Swipe Home Screen

This issue has been reported by Damian (iPhone 14) on our iOS 16.0.1 review page:

“Unable to swipe left on Home Screen folders – can still access the apps in the first page but unable to swipe left to access the second page (or third or fourth page if you have lots of apps).”

It’s been confirmed by Jannes (iPhone 13):

“…when closing the App Library, I can’t swipe left or right on my home screen anymore… I can’t go back to my App Library, or go to other home pages.”

This iOS 16 bug has been also signaled by Aaron:

“I have had an issue where I cannot swipe left and right through my Home Screen pages since the update. I have an iPhone 12.”

Apparently, this issue is triggered when the user interacts with the App Library. Are you also experiencing the same problem? Report it in the comments please.

How To Fix Home Screen Swipes Not Working

Fortunately, you don’t have to reset your iPhone to factory settings. It won’t fix anything, as confirmed on Twitter. Here is what you should do instead:

1. Reboot iPhone

iphone 14 pro force restart
When the Home Screen becomes unresponsive to swipes, you should first restart your device. A fresh boot will temporary fix the problem.

Tip: Use the force restart trick described here.

2. Disable Home Screen Search

home screen search turn off
Next, our readers noticed, that turning off the new Search feature on Home Screen, prevents the swiping bug from triggering:
Open Settings -> Home Screen and turn Off Show on Home Screen.

Credits: Special thanks to Dave for a href=”https://www.iphonetricks.org/touch-screen-not-working-on-iphone-ios-16-fix/#comment-63147″ title=”Dave”>sharing this fix.

This tip should prevent the Home Screen from glitching out, until Apple patches the issue in an upcoming software update!

Does the fix work for you too, or you still can’t swipe Home Screens on iPhone? Do you have a better solution? Share your feedback in the comments!

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