Why Is Roblox Not Working

If you are facing why is Roblox not working. You’re not alone if you are having problems connecting to Roblox. Roblox server downtime can be quite common if there’s a lot of users. This is how you find out the status and fix connection issues in Roblox such as ” error 529″ or ” error … Read more

How To Fix Roku Error Code 014.30

The Roku device causes the 014.30 error by not receiving an adequate internet signal or being unable to connect to the Internet while streaming. How do I fix Roku Error 014.30? The solution to this problem is usually simple, but issues outside that could cause it is your responsibility. Check your Wi-Fi connection with other … Read more

How To Reset Vizio Soundbar

There are a many of reasons that you are getting issues the Vizio soundbar. You can resolve the problems after resetting the sound bar. You need to reset your vizio soundbar to default factory settings. The settings you have made are deleted on your soundbar. Resetting the Vizio soundbar will take less than one minute but … Read more

What does ue mean on lg washer

The washer attempts to balance the load by using the uE/UE codes. This could be due to the washer not being properly leveled or the washer itself. This code does not require a technician to resolve. The uE/UE indicator will display on the screen. When it displays, the unit will be filled with water to agitate the items … Read more

How to Program a Comcast Xfinity X1 Remote

The Xfinity remote can also be paired with Flex streaming devices and Xfinity X1 streaming devices. This allows you to control your TV Box from anywhere, including an entertainment center, or another room, up to 50 feet away. Xfinity remotes are identified by their model numbers on the back panel and in the battery compartment. … Read more

How to Sync Roku Remote Without Pairing Button

Although the pairing button is the most straightforward and simple way to connect your Roku remote with your smart TV, it’s not necessarily the only method. To sync your Roku remote to your smartphone, you can either use the Roku app from your smartphone or connect manually by using the control buttons on your TV. What … Read more

How to Fix Samsung Dryer Not Heating Problem

If your samsung dryer’s heating, but the clothes remain damp, the vent could be blocked. If your dryer is running with low heat and is running for long periods this could also indicate an obstruction to the vent. If your samsung dryer stops within a few minutes of wet clothes and your moisture sensors aren’t working, they … Read more