Clean Energy Charging Not Working On iPhone In iOS 16? (Fix)

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Posted in How To, TILs by Patricia on October 27, 2022

Clean Energy Charging iOS 16

iPhone Clean Energy Charging not working? You’ve update to iOS 16.1 but the feature is still not available? Or, it’s turned ON in Settings but it never works? You’ve never been informed that charging was suspended by Clean Energy?

Clean Energy Charging Not Available?

First of all, you should be aware that for the time being this feature is only available in the United States.

Users outside of the U.S. don’t get the Clean Energy Charging option in Settings -> Battery -> Battery Health & Charging.

Clean Energy Charging Not Showing Up In The US?

If you’re living in the USA but aren’t seeing this new charging feature, you have to check the region set on your iPhone:
Browse for Settings -> General -> Language & Region and make sure that Region is set to United States.

Tip: This way you can make it show up on every device, however it won’t work if you’re outside of the US. It will only show up as a toggle!

Clean Energy Charging Not Working

This problem has been reported by Santiago:

“I have clean energy charging on, but I never saw it work.”

We’ve found similar reports on Reddit:

“No ‘clean energy charging’ toggle on iPhone 12 mini.”

How To Fix Clean Energy Charging Not Working

According to Apple, it’s not enough just to turn ON the feature in Settings. The following requirements have to be fulfilled too:

  • 1. Optimized Charging has to be turned ON in Settings -> Battery -> Battery Health & Charging.
  • 2. Settings -> Privacy & Security -> Location Services and make sure that Location Services are turned ON.
  • 3. Next, scroll all the way to the bottom for System Services and turn ON System Customization.
  • 4. In System Services also make sure that Significant Locations are enabled too.
  • Tip: If the feature works and it suspends charging on your device you can touch & hold the notification and tap Charge Now to bypass!

Have you managed to make it work on iPhone in iOS 16? Have we left something out? Do you have other questions or suggestions? Share your feedback in the comments.

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