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Posted in Errors and Issues by Tyrone on October 1, 2023

Command Tab not working macOS Sonoma

Command + Tab shortcut not working to switch apps on Mac after macOS Sonoma update? Open apps are shown but they simply won’t change? A double-click instead of a single one is required to open an app from the Dock?

Command Tab Not Working In macOS Sonoma?

This issue has been reported by Jeremy:

“I have to double-click app icons in the Dock for the app to open. cmd + tab shortcut also won’t switch to previous app. This is annoying…and very counterproductive.”

We’re encountering the same problem on our macOS Sonoma updated devices and have seen similar complaints on Reddit:

“no program is popping back up if minimized when pressing command +tab.”

How To Fix Cmd + Tab Shortcut Not Working

The first thing that you can do is restart your Mac. A fresh start might flush this glitch and allow the shortcut to work properly:

This can be done from the top-left corner of the screen:
Click Apple logo -> Restart…

Have you managed to fix the Command+Tab shortcut issue in macOS Sonoma? Share your fix with us and we will update it in the main content of the article.

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