Continuity Camera Not Working in macOS Ventura? (Fixed!)

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Continuity Camera not working Ventura

Continuity camera not working on Mac? You’ve updated to macOS Ventura and iOS 16.1 but FaceTime, Google Meet, QuickTime, Photo Booth and similar apps are not recognizing the iPhone’s camera? Or, camera is available but no video is streamed?

Continuity Camera Not Working?

continuity camera macos ventura
This problem has been reported by Liam:

“Can’t get continuity camera working with iPhone. It worked with FaceTime the first time I tried but it fails to show up since. Can you help pls?”

We’ve found a similar complaint about macOS Continuity Camera not working on Reddit:

“Continuity Camera not longer working. Phone no longer shows up as a camera option for any of the supported native apps (QuickTime, FaceTime, Photo Booth).”

How To Fix Continuity Camera Not Showing Up

continuity camera magic pose
According to Apple, because of privacy reasons, macOS Ventura apps are able to detect iPhone camera for the Continuity feature only when the following conditions are met:

  • iPhone is standing still in landscape mode.
  • Screen is turned off.
  • Device is locked.
  • Tip: Apple refers to these requirements as the ‘magic pose’ that allows third-party apps to detect the iPhone’s camera for macOS Continuity.

How To Use iPhone As Continuity Camera For Mac

To perform video calls on Mac using the main camera on your iPhone you have to select the camera in the app’s video settings.

Apple informs that FaceTime is able to automatically choose iPhone camera when initiating a call, if the tips provided above are followed. However, this might not work every time. Here is how to do it manually:
continuity camera turn on manually

  • 1. Place iPhone in the magic pose using a Continuity Camera mount.
  • 2. Open FaceTime app on Mac (from Dock or via Spotlight Search).
  • 3. Click Video, in the top-left section of the menu bar (Next to FaceTime and Edit.)
  • 4. Select iPhone Camera. It should appear below the built-in FaceTime HD camera.
  • Tip: Turn On Automatic Camera Selection to allow macOS Ventura to auto-switch for Continuity Camera.

Continuity Camera No Video Error

continuity camera no video error
Are you getting a No Video error after selecting iPhone camera? Popup informs that:

FaceTime has not received any video from the connected camera? Restarting your computer might fix this issue.

iPhone displays the ‘Connected to Mac’ screen with the Pause and Disconnect options. Which means that the devices are connected indeed but the video stream is not going through.

Continuity Camera issues might be common in these early macOS Ventura versions. To fix them restart your Mac as suggested in the error.

If that doesn’t help perform the following fixes:

1. Disconnect And Try Again

continuity camera screen on iphone
Tap Disconnect on your iPhone, close FaceTime on Mac and try again.

Tip: You could also restart both devices to make sure that you clear any minor glitches that might block the communication.

2. Turn Off Firewall

If macOS Ventura Firewall is enabled or you’re using any other third-party software to protect your Mac, try to temporarily turn them Off and test Continuity Camera one more time.

How To: You can disable macOS Ventura firewall in System Settings -> Network -> Firewall.

Have you managed to fix Continuity Camera not working in macOS Ventura? Do you have a better solution or other problems to report? Share your feedback in the comments.

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