Disney+ Issues On Apple TV (Black Screen, Freezing & More)

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Posted in News by Tyrone on July 14, 2022

Disney+ issues on Apple TV

Are you experiencing Disney+ issues on Apple TV? Is the video playback flickering a black screen? Does the stream unexpectedly pause, causing frozen content on your TV set that’s running tvOS 15.5?

Disney+ Issues On Apple TV

Dafne initially reported this issue for us in the tvOS 15.5.1 review page:
“Disney+ app for Apple TV is glitchy. Screen flickers and content freezes unexpectedly.”

I could’t replicate the issue myself, but managed to find a similar report on Reddit.

How To Fix Disney+ Issues On Apple TV

Apparently this Disnsey+ iOS bug is only triggered if you play content from the ‘Up Next’ session!

Workaround: At the moment there’s no actual fix! you can bypass it by opening the Disney+ app and stream the content from within the app.

Stay tuned for any Disney+ update for tvOS or any other Apple TV or tvOS software update!

Fact: tvOS 16 is already out for testing and you can easily install tvOS 16 Public Beta, or wait until it’s released to everyone in the fall.

Tip: tvOS 15.6 is around the corner. We expect it to go live alongside iOS 15.6, watchOS 8.6 and more, very soon. The Release Candidate (RC) is already out.

Did you manage to fix the Disney+ playback issues on Apple TV? Do you have a better solution? Use the comments section to share your thoughts.

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