Face ID Is Not Available? Try Setting Up Later? iOS 16 Bug?

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Posted in Errors and Issues by Mike on October 27, 2022

Face ID is not available iOS 16

Are you getting Face ID is Not Available error after iOS 16 or iOS 16.1 update? You’re asked to try to set up Face ID later? Setup gets always stuck at the ‘Move iPhone a little higher’ or a little lower stage?

Face ID Is Not Available iOS 16

This issue has been reported by several readers including:

  • Megan:

    “I just updated to 16.1 and I still can’t get Face ID to work. I reset it to try and set it up again, but I’m getting the same message as others: “lower your iPhone, raise your iPhone”. Frustrating!”

  • Murat:

    “I have the same problem. It happned after i updated it to 16.1. “

  • Elia:

    “Help! face id not working anymore after ios 16 update!!!”

The problem has been reported as early as the iOS 16 beta versions, as noted here on Reddit.

It flared up again after last week’s iOS 15.7.1 RC release and we covered it here.

How To Fix Face ID Not Available iOS 16

Users that had problem with Face ID after iOS 15.7.1 RC update have managed to fix it by updating to iOS 16.0.3. However, now we have the same issue reported for iOS 16.1.

Face ID is not available error is identical with the one in iOS 15.7.1 RC. This makes us anticipate that it has something to do with the security fixes that have been implemented in iOS 16.1 and iOS 15.7.1.

Nevertheless, Apple has just released iOS 15.7.1, with a different build number than the RC. We’re still waiting for confirmations but it appears that the Face ID problem has been patched.

If this is confirmed, Apple will most likely have to release iOS 16.1.1 to include the fix for iOS 16 affected devices too.

Until then there’s not much that you can do to fix it, except downgrading to iOS 16.0.3 (won’t remain signed for long) or revert all the way to iOS 15.7.1 (should be signed for longer.)

Important: If you’re experiencing the same issue please report it in the comments section available below.

Do mention iPhone model, previous version before updating and any other details that could help us to find the trigger and a potential workaround.

Have you managed to fix Face ID not working in iOS 16.1? Do you have a better solution? Please share it in the comments!

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