Face ID Stopped Working After iOS 15.7.1 Update? (Fixed!)

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Posted in Errors and Issues, Bug Fixes by Mike on October 20, 2022

Face ID error message iOS 15.7.1

Face ID stopped working after iOS 15.7.1 update? iPhone won’t unlock and reconfiguring facial recognition brings up Face ID is Not Available error? You’re asked to Move iPhone a little lower or higher and eventually you’re recommended to try setting up Face ID later?

Face ID Not Working iOS 15.7.1

This issue was initially reported by Cristi:

“Immediately after updating this morning my Face ID stopped working. I reset it and now can’t get it set back up. It keeps telling me to raise my phone higher or lower.”

Problem was quickly confirmed by many other readers including:

  • Unknown:

    “My phone is doing the same thing I Just updated to IOS 15.7.1 and my Face ID isn’t working. I tried Turing off my phone resetting my ID and still not working. And I have the iPhone 12.”

  • Mdawg:

    “My Face ID stopped working after updating to 15.7.1 this morning. iPhone 12 Pro. Resetting Face ID doesn’t resolve issue. Just keeps saying move your face higher and lower.”

  • and many others. We’ve also found a similar thread on Reddit.

Apparently this bug is affecting various iPhone models including 13 Pro Max, 12 Pro, 12 and others.

How To Fix Face ID Is Not Available

Rebooting iPhone won’t help and neither does removing the iOS 15 Beta Profile. Until we find a better solution the only two options are:

1. Downgrade Back To iOS 15.7

downgrade to iOS 15.7
All affected users did not have any problems with Face ID, while running iOS 15.7. Fortunately, it’s still possible to downgrade as 15.7 is still signed. Here is how to:

  • You need a computer Mac (use Finder) or Windows (use iTunes) and a Lightning to USB cable to connect to it.
  • Make sure that you have an encrypted iPhone backup on your computer.
  • Tip: Ideally you need one created in iOS 15.7 or earlier. But in the worst case scenario, you can create one now and tweak it as described here.

  • Download the iOS 15.7 ipsw file that matches your iPhone model from here.
  • Perform the steps described here. (Video tutorial is also available).

2. Update To iOS 16

ios 16.0.3 download
Face ID works with the current iOS 16.0.3 version as well as the projected iOS 16.1 release. You can update now, but also be aware that there are still unfixed bugs awaiting for you.

Perhaps the most annoying one is the battery draining problem.

If you decide to update here is what you have to do:

  • Open Settings app and browse for General -> VPN & Device Management -> iOS 15 Beta Software Profile -> Remove Profile.
  • Restart iPhone.
  • Go to Settings -> General -> Software Update.
  • Download and install iOS 16.0.3 or iOS 16.1 (from Monday, October 24).

Have you managed to fix Face ID not working iOS 15.7.1 issue? Have you found a better solution or have other problems to report? Share your feedback in the comments. We’re here to help.

Important: iOS 15.7.1 is currently available only as a Release Candidate. It’s a test version! However, the public release is expected on Monday and will most likely be the same build. Please refrain from updating, before we can test if this Face ID bug has made its way to the public release!

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