Fisher-Price Rattle ‘n Rock Maracas Original Review 2022

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4.7 out of 5 stars

Product Description

It’s maracas, but…wow! Fisher-Price’s newest toy is an electronic drum kit that can be played with a maracas, or without. A maraca accessory is included with the kit, and you can also buy Fisher-Price’s own maracas that make real maracas sounds. The kit also comes with a microphone and speaker, so you can sing along with the drum beats. Kids can have fun playing along or using the maracas alone, but parents should be aware that there is a lot of button pushing, volume control, and drum sounds to learn. The drum set is best suited for kids ages four and up.

Facts About Fisher-Price Rattle ‘n Rock Maracas

How do you clean the fabric part?

I put mines in hot water with mild soap. And rinse with warm water. And air dry. If that helps.

Dishwasher safe?

I wouldn’t put it in the dishwasher because it might not rinse good enough for the baby. The toy will do in their mouth.

is it bpa free?


Can my baby use this product a lot?


What ingredients does this product have?

Material and balls

How long can this product be used?

My grandson needs did until he was about a year-old

Is this product good to use?

My grandson loved this and has played with them alot

Would this be a good toy for a Rabbit?

Mmm I guess the rabbit to bite into the fabric part to shake it but the plastic part might be too large for it to get its mouth around to shake it. I would say no but I haven’t tested it on a rabbit lol.

Is this product really as good as advertised?

Its okay , I wouldn’t recommend only because my son didn’t really reach for it barely makes noise and the bottom part is hard so he could hurt himself ( when i got this he wAS 5m )

Did not receive the product and can’t find a email to contact seller. Can someone help me?

Contact Amazon they should know how.

What type of plastic are these made out of?

Hard plastic

Can someone confirm is these rattles are bpa/phalate free?

From my research into fisher price, their toys are not BPA free. They don’t use it much, as BPA is used to synthesize polycarbonate plastic, not some of the other kinda of plastics used. My best guess would be that the clear plastic over the “rattle beads” is polycarbonate and therefore has trace BPA while the rest is … From my research into fisher price, their toys are not BPA free. They don’t use it much, as BPA is used to synthesize polycarbonate plastic, not some of the other kinda of plastics used. My best guess would be that the clear plastic over the “rattle beads” is polycarbonate and therefore has trace BPA while the rest is not. Fisher price is really not upfront about BPA in their toys. It’s basically “we use it but not much”. It’s unfortunate.

Is the product safe for health?

I don’t like it. One end is cloth, but you can’t put them in the washing machine – which makes it difficult to clean.

If I use this product after the expiration date, will there be any effect?

I don’t think there is a expiration date for this kind of toy

Why my order was shipped to another state when it was close to my house?

Hmm. All I can imagine is it was mistakingly put on wrong truck .

Info About Fisher-Price Rattle ‘n Rock Maracas (Reviews From Amazon)

My son’s favorite toy!

Some people complain it has a pathetic rattle. Well let me tell you, the rattle is actually perfect. Its the perfect sound for any baby! Its not really loud, but that’s the point! It wont startle your baby who is learning to play and grab but it makes an enticing sound that is pleasant for both baby and parent. I don’t know about your baby but mine doesn’t need a marching band to get excited or interested. I mean, do you really think Fischer Price would put out the same toy for so long that babies didn’t love? My son instantly grabbed this, it was the first toy that got him to hold something with success and he was so excited to shake it! He chews on the soft end and hits the rattle end on things to make even more noise! They never get old for him either. Honestly I was skeptical because they were so simple and people left negative reviews but I highly recommend these rattles for your baby’s first toy.

Nice gift for twin one-year-olds.

To you new parents and grandparents, here’s some advice: Do not waste a lot of money buying a bunch of gifts or expensive gifts for babies. Babies don’t need a lot of toys–or a lot of clothing, either, because they only outgrow clothes really fast, and chances are that a relative or friend will pass on baby toys and clothing to your babies when their own babies have outgrown them. Better to be frugal and save those extra pennies, dimes and dollars for the babys’ college funds because THAT’s when the babies are going to need your financial help. Those dimes and dollars really add up.

Having said that, this gift of 2 maracas made a great gift for my daughter’s 10 month old twins because they’re not expensive and the twins like them. It’s also nice that they are old-fashioned, non-electric toys that you have to shake to make them work rather than just push a button.

My daughter LOVES these!!

I bought these for my 4½mo daughter and she loves them! The soft end is perfect because she is always smacking herself in the face with her toys lol she is teething and loves chewing on the soft side. There are 3 ballies inside the hard end, and you have to give them a little bit of a harder shake to get some noise because they are bigger than usual ballies. But I think my daughter is most interested in the holding and chewing part of it. We keep one in the house and one in the car for the road. I love these. They will keep your child occupied for a bit so you can get stuff done.

Duo maracas for babies

This was one of son’s stocking stuffers! It’s great to practice holding & when they start mouth exploration. He enjoyed it then when he was 5 months & still enjoys playing with it. He loves music so it’s fun that he gets to make his own rhythm/beat with the maracas. I would just suggest cleaning it with wipes instead of running it underwater. The water gets stuck inside the compartment holding the beads. Other than that, it’s a great first toy for babies.

first toy.

teaching my son to hold onto things as this is a great way to start him on as he was born extremely premature so he is 3 months behind he is now almost 6 months and is starting to grab things. this is a great way to get him to hold and grasp this with the handle being a perfect size. and loves the rattle and soft side.

My baby loved these!

Editing to add that my baby is now almost a year old and these little rattles have become a favorite of his again. I highly recommend these!

These were my baby boys favorite toys from around 2 months old to 4 months. Now he has moved on to different toys but these are still great for getting his attention. They make a low rattle sound that is great and the soft top is the best part since babies like to hit them selves in the face with stuff lol

Teething Tiny Dancer

These are perfect for your little one to grasp my daughter was almost three months when we got this and she was able to grasp perfectly! The soft round end is great for teething and it’s soft enough that when they do accidentally shake too hard it doesn’t hurt when they hit themselves! My daughter can hold both now and gets excited to hear the beads rattle. It is easy to clean and a lightweight toy!

Surprisingly great

My six month old took to these instantly. The first attraction was gumming the soft side like crazy, followed by whacking the two hard sides together like a maniac (I had to reposition them with hard sides up in his hands for this). He hadn’t previously banged two toys together to make noise, so I was pleased to see this advancement. He can easily hold them and even held tight through 10 minutes in the Jolly Jumper, where I can only imagine the noise of the rattle enhanced his enthusiastic jumping experience. They’re surprisingly great.

Baby’s favorite toy!

I bought these for my baby 3 months ago. She still loves to listen to, hold, and chew on these maracas. I would recommend these maracas starting at 2 months. As my baby gets older, she’s starting to be more interested in actual teething toys, but these maracas were a great introduction to toys! They fit great in my baby’s hands and she loves to chew on the soft Pom-Pom end. The rattle is loud enough to catch your baby’s attention but soft enough to not annoy the adults. I would recommend these maracas for all babies!

Baby is obsessed

I thought these looked like really boring toys, but then again I’m not a baby… so I took a chance and got them anyway. My son is obsessed with them. They are his favorite toys and he’ll reach for these over other toys when given the option. He first loved the soft end and would squish it and mouth it. Now he’s teething and he likes to try and chew on the hard end. He especially likes waving them around and banging them on other toys. He did thunk himself in the forehead pretty good, but he survived.


In conclusion, Amazon is launching a variety of fresh new Pop-a-Balls Push and Pop Bulldozer toys. Kids can actually build and rebuild these toys; they’re designed to last for years. Parents love that their kids can make them play fun games together, and parents love that, when the toys are tidied away, they’re super easy to clean up and put away, too.

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