Fitness Focus Not Turning On Automatically In iOS 16? Fix?

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Posted in Errors and Issues by Mary on December 25, 2022

Fitness Focus issues iOS 16

Fitness Focus not turning on automatically when starting a workout? Status isn’t shared in apps like Messages either? Issue started after iOS 16 update? Here is what you can do about it!

Fitness Focus Not Turning On Automatically?

This problem has been reported by Mike (iOS 16.2):

“Issues with Fitness Focus not turning on when starting a workout, and the ability to save its status.”

We couldn’t replicate this unexpected behavior but have found a similar complaint on Reddit:

“Fitness focus doesn’t turn on automatically anymore when I reach my location (gym).”

How To Fix Fitness Focus Not Working As Expected

First of all make sure that Fitness Focus is properly set up on your iPhone:
fitness focus not turning on automatically fix

1. Restart iPhone

If problem persists, reboot your iPhone. A force restart could flush any potential glitches that might prevent the Fitness mode from auto activating!

2. Reconfigure Fitness Focus

Next, we recommend you to Delete this focus mode and reconfigure it. You can do it in:
delete fitness focus and add

  • 1. Settings -> Focus -> Fitness -> Delete Focus.
  • 2. Reboot iPhone.
  • 3. Go for Settings -> Focus and use the ‘+’ icon to re-add Fitness.

Workaround For Fitness Focus Not Turning On

If the issue persists you can temporary bypass it by enabling this mode manually before starting a workout:

  • 1. Swipe-down from the top-right corner to bring up the Control Center.
  • 2. Tap Focus.
  • 3. Tap Fitness to turn it ON or use the three-dots to turn it on for 1 hour or Until this evening!

Share Fitness Status Not Working?

Fitness status isn’t shared in apps like Messages when enabled. Check if this option is enabled in:
share fitness focus status setting

  • 1. Settings -> Focus -> Focus Status.
  • 2. Share Focus Status has to be enabled.
  • 3. Also, make sure that Fitness is toggled ON!

Have you managed to fix Fitness Focus not turning on automatically in iOS 16? Do you have a better solution or other problems to report? Share your feedback in the comments.

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