Games Stuttering in iOS 16? IPhone Lagging? (Fix?)

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Posted in Errors and Issues by Mike on November 3, 2022

Games stuttering iOS 16

Games stuttering on iPhone after iOS 16 update? Animation is still lagging frequently even after the iOS 16.1 update and glitches out at only 60 frames per second? Many games are affected, especially when using the on-screen touch controls?

Games Stuttering iOS 16

This problem has been reported by Carl (iPhone 13 Pro Max):

“Constant stuttering in games such as Wild Rift. Cannot even maintain stable 60 frames per second as did on iOS 15.7. Issue occurred after first upgrading to iOS 16 and is still not fixed in the 16.2 beta.”

We’ve found many other similar complaints on Reddit:

  • 1:

    “Stuttering in every game post ios 16 update, no game runs at more than 60 fps regardless of the option of 120 set. Gaming at 60 fps is stuttering and feels worse than my iphone 12 pro in terms of smoothness.”

  • 2:

    “I noticed this strange issue with the iPhone 14 pro and pro max. In many games, when using the on-screen touch controls, there will be a huge amount of stutter and frame drops.”

Fact: Some iPhone games confirmed to stutter in iOS 16 are: GTA vice city, Madden NFL, Wild Rift, Warped Kart Racers, Genshin Impact, Mobile, Max Payne.

Do you want to add to this list? Use the comments and share other games.

Can You Fix Games Stuttering On iPhone?

There’s not much you can do right now to fix this annoying problem. Apple will have to address it in an upcoming software update:

1. Downgrade To iOS 15.7

An extremed troubleshooting step is to return to iOS 15!

For this you need a computer (Mac or Windows) and a Lightning to USB cable used for connecting your iPhone. More details available here.

2. Use A Game Controller

Another workaround requires you to use a third-party gaming controller. If you don’t own one you can easily grab one from Amazon:

Disclaimer: has an affiliate partnership with Amazon. If you purchase a product after clicking the above links, we will receive a small commission that helps us covers website costs. The final price of your product isn’t influenced by this incentive!

Have you managed to get rid of game stuttering in iOS 16? Do you have a better solution or other problems to report? Share your feedback in the comments.

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