Garmin Suction cup mount, Standard Packaging, One Color

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Product Description

Compatible devices: aera 500, aera 550, Dash Cam 10, Dash Cam 20, dēzl 570LMT-D, FMI 25-Kabel (Daten und Verkehrsfunk), nüLink 1690 LIVE, nüLink 2390 LIVE, nüvi 1390T / 1390Tpro, nüvi 1390Tpro LMU, nüvi 140LMT, nüvi 140T, nüvi 1440, nüvi 1450T, nüvi 1490Tpro, nüvi 200W, nüvi 2447LMT, nüvi 250W, nüvi 2545LT CE, nüvi 2547LMT, nüvi 2557LMT, nüvi 255(T), nüvi 255WT, nüvi 2577LT, nüvi 265T, nüvi 265WT, nüvi 310, nüvi 350(T), nüvi 3598LMT-D, nüvi 360T, nüvi 3790LMT, nüvi 42, nüvi 5000, nüvi 57LM, nüvi 57LMT, nüvi 58LMT, nüvi 660TFM, nüvi 670TFM, nüvi 755TFM, nüvi 765TFM, nüvi 775TFM, nüvi 1340T CE, nüvi 1490TV, nüvi 2445LMT CE, nüvi 2445LT CE, nüvi 2455LT, nüvi 2460LMT, nüvi 2495LMT, nüvi 2497LMT, nüvi 2498LMT-Digital, nüvi 2548LMT-D, nüvi 2559LMT, nüvi 2568LMT-Digital, nüvi 2569LMT-D, nüvi 2595LMT, nüvi 2597LMT, nüvi 2598LMT-D, nüvi 2599LMT-D, nüvi 2699LMT-D, nüvi 2799LMT-D, nüvi 3590LMT, nüvi 55LMT, nüvi 56LMT, SafeNav Powered by Garmin, StreetPilot c510, StreetPilot c550, zūmo 340LM CE, zūmo 345LM, zūmo 350LM, zūmo 395LM, zūmo 660 Europa, zūmo 660LM, zūmo 390LM

The Garmin 010-10747-00 Suction Cup Mount for the StreetPilot C510/C550 is a replacement suction mount for your StreetPilot c510 or c550.

Facts About Garmin Suction cup mount, Standard Packaging, One Color

What is the diameter of the ball on this mount. The mount for my nuvi350 takes 5/8” ball?

will it fit nuvi 67 LM that I bought but lost the suction mount

Does this fit on a Garmin Nuvi 50 lm?

I would say that this mounting system would fit any Garmin GPS Nuvi model that has the ball socket type. It is well worth the money to find out.

Does it come with the circular plastic disc you adhere to dashboard to provide good suction surface?

Yes it did come with the disc. Works great.

Does this have the sticky cup?

It fully replaces the suction cup mount for compatible Garmin dashcams – you remove the old one at the "ball joint" where it meets the camera and stick it up on your windshield. There is no "sticky cup" and no separate piece but it is all you need to connect a compatible unit to your windshield.

Does it work with the 47?

No, he correct suction cup mount for the Garmin Dash Cam™ 47 is part number 010-12530-05.

Dose it work with the dezl 560 trucker gps it has the round socket on back

I have that one and it works for mine and I’ve bought two of them now.

does it come with a cord to plug into cig. lighter in vehicles/

No it is the suction cup only

Does this come with the holder that snaps on back as well

It is just like what is the pictured.
The entire piece has Everything from The little ball joint (top of picture) to the suction cup with the lever to vacuum the suction harder (situated as the base and shark fin looking lever in the photo) .
… It is just like what is the pictured.
The entire piece has Everything from The little ball joint (top of picture) to the suction cup with the lever to vacuum the suction harder (situated as the base and shark fin looking lever in the photo) .

It neither has the female end of the cup that the ball joint would sit in (to enable it to be adjusted), nor does it come with the frame of nor the actual Garmin itself.

Just what’s pictured.
BUT—It’s better than the original suction cup that came with the device imo. I’d reposition the original one 10x a day and the new one hasn’t fallen since purchased 10 months ago!!

Will this fit a Garmin Nuvi 600/650?

Yes, this should fit just fine!

Will it work on Lexan?

I works on my Garmin. Its a nuvi 67

does this fit the 52lm?

My unit is a Garmin, not sure what model. But I think they are pretty much standard fit. Unlike other responders, I don’t have any issues with it sticking to windshield, works fine. But I expect the spring mechanism won’t last more than a year, like the previous one I got. But hey, for $5 it’ll do

Will this work with Nuvi 52LM

Yes, this suction cup mount is compatible with the Drive 52.

Does this fit the mini dash cam?

Great question. I cannot see this actually working

Does this fit on a Garmin Nuvi 2589???

Yes, perfect. Thank you!

What is the diameter of the suction pad?

The suction cup itself is about 2 1/2 inches. The metal pad that you can stick to your dash is about 3 inches in diameter.

Info About Garmin Suction cup mount, Standard Packaging, One Color (Reviews From Amazon)

This Replacement Suction Mount Is Way Better Than The Original!!

Leave It to Garmin!! This Garmin Suction Cup Mount is actually way better than the original as the suction force on my windshield is so strong I actually can’t take it off my windshield!!! What happened is that last week the plastic lever used to tighten the suction cup mount to the windshield fell off of the assembly onto my center console. I carefully put in back into place however when I pushed it forward to tighten the Garmin unit to the windshield I noticed it had very little torque. (Like many other parts to various components once they break they have to be replaced) Anyway, now.. The torque is so tight that even when I release the lever to take off the suction cup mount I can’t remove it!! If I tried any harder I’d break the plastic on this replacement unit. (I usually remove the Garmin from my windshield at night as previously the entire unit/suction cup mount and the Garmin itself were falling onto my center console due to excessive heat build up on the windshield in the morning) Not anymore!! Now, I simply take off the Garmin and put it in my center console storage compartment and leave the suction cup mount on the windshield.. In the morning I take out the Garmin and attach it onto the plastic ball and that’s that!! So actually, this unit is much stronger, has way more torque than the suction cup mount that came with the unit. My advice is to actually invest the $11 and buy this Garmin Suction Cup Mount when you buy a Garmin navigation unit as it’s way more tight and durable. (keep the suction cup mount that comes with the Garmin as a backup) By the way, this replacement unit fits my Garmin perfectly. Many have asked (In the Amazon Forum) if the replacement unit will fit the Garmin needing the part so.. have no worries it’ll fit basically any Garmin perfectly!! Thank You Amazon for keeping these replacement parts in stock and many thanks to Garmin for manufacturing the replacement parts that naturally need to be replaced over time. I couldn’t be happier with this replacement Garmin Suction Cup Mount!! Don’t hesitate for a moment to purchase it.. As already noted, it’s actually better than the one that came with the unit! Amazing!!

It Works!

This is like night and day from the knock off version that I bought before. I’m glad I read an earlier review that said pretty much the same thing and I encourage everyone to do likewise. The Garmin product doesn’t cost that much more than a knock off but it works much better (stays stuck to the windshield). I don’t know about anyone else but it seemed like the knock off mount would come unstuck right when I was in heavy traffic and needed it most. Even though I usually also use my phone’s navigation, I like to use both just in case the phone loses signal.

It stays stuck now without drool!

Replaced the one that came with my Garmen from 7 years ago that was never awesome to begin with. And ayyyyy it finally stays stuck! Even without drool marks running Down the inside of my windsheild. Yuck! Yay for it doing it’s one job! So far it stays where it ought to despite the drastic temperature changes of having to run the heating and A/C and heat in the course of a typical spring or fall day in upstate NY.

Works great! Much better than what came with backup camera

We bought a new solar powered back up camera (not a Garmin) about a year ago for our older car. The original suction cup mount never worked right and would not adhere to the dash (the only place it will fit). We ordered this Garmin suction mount, which also came with an adhesive disk you can mount to a textured surface, then mount the suction cup directly onto the disk. So far it has been fantastic! We threw away the original because this Garmin one is so much better.

When you want the exact fit you go with the OEM

When I started looking for the exact amount for my Garman there were several manufacturers saying they would fit my Garman but then when I read their reviews they weren’t fitting correctly so I decided to go with the OEM that came with the original and it worked like a glove so you get what you paid for

Perfect replacement

My Garmin is still working well, but it has gone on and off the window so many times that the suction cup simply didn’t hold up well anymore, especially when sitting in the sun.

I was a little concerned about the quality of this product and whether it would function adequately, as the price is pretty low. So the first one bought went to my wife whose Garmin attachment was also failing. We waited a few weeks and all seemed well, so I ordered a second one. Now that we have several months in use, including in one of the hottest and longest summers ever, I will give thumbs up to this piece. It’s every bit as good as the original suction cup. It adheres to the window flawlessly, lets go when I want to remove it, and it snaps into the rest of the charge unit like it was the original.

Factory quality. Works like a charm

Mine works great. It is factory quality like the original that was lost.
* Decent suction cup.
* Ball fits tightly into the bracket.
* Has stayed on my windshield for the past two weeks. When I took it off last night, it came off with no problems and went right back on with good strong suction.

Based on other reviews, it seems like a toss-up whether you get a decent quality mount or not. I am guessing it depends on the seller. Since Amazon won’t let me state my seller (or their "sons" hint-hint) in a review, all I can say is: pay attention to the seller’s return policy. It seems that if they have a decent policy, then they are most likely the ones who are selling the quality product. Mine wasn’t the cheapest choice, but having the best return policy made the extra 59 cents worth it.

Edit July, 2012:
After nearly 2 weeks with 100+ degree heat, this stayed in my car the majority of that time. I switched it over to another car for a road trip, and it held the whole trip. Returned it to the original vehicle, still holds. Can’t say enough good things about this mount, and the importance of where you buy it!

Edit April, 2013:
Sat in the car overnight during quite a few or our winter nights below zero (the suction cup, not the GPS itself) and held. This thing only releases when I tell it to. Overall, I remain very happy with the product.

Edit April 2015:
Well, it finally died. I had rented a Hyundai that had a long windshield that pretty much made for a horizontal mount for the suction cup. Plus the weather got in the 80’s. Between the extra stress and the heat, the rubber mount separated from the plastic and tore away. Disappointing, but I can”t complain. Will see if I can get it from the same seller.

Good quality

Can’t argue with the pen quality I left the suction cup from the gps in a another truck I jumó fast on Amazon and I received on the same day lucky me if a need another on the future definitely I will order again

Does what it is supposed to do

I ordered this with quite a bit of intrepidation. Many people had said it was not OEM, and it did not work like their previous Garmin mount. Well, I just got this, and it sure looks like the real McCoy. In fact, the only difference I could see is a number above the “made in china” inscription. My original number (die number?) was 10. This one was 27. Other than that, they looked EXACTLY THE SAME. Both say Garmin on them.

I ordered this replacement because after 3 years of use and now baking in the Florida sun, it comes off in the mid day heat. I just received this, so I will update if this does not fix that problem. However, from the out of the box experience, It looks perfect. One hint, place some spit on the suction cup before placing it on the windshield. It will help create and maintain the seal. Garmin does not provide that level of helpful hint!

Secret Hidden Ingredient

I was concerned when I bought this that the suction cup would not adhere properly on my dashboard as the surface is slightly mottled and not smooth. But included in the packaging is a hard disc with one adhesive side. This disc is not mentioned in the product description or on the box. I placed the disc in my chosen location and left it overnight with a weight on top of it, so that the adhesive would set. Then I mounted the suction cup on the disc. It all seems very firm. The mount is supporting a Garmin DriveSmart 60.

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Garmin Suction cup mount, Standard Packaging, One ColorGarmin Suction cup mount, Standard Packaging, One Color 4.6 View On Amazon

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