Would Like To Use Your Current Location? (Fixed!)

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Posted in How To by Tyrone on May 15, 2023

‘ would like to use your current location’ Safari popup! would like to use your current location? Safari popup asks for location sharing every time when you search for something that’s similar to an address? This can be annoying but has an easy fix!

Google Would Like To Use Your Location? would like to use your current location
This unwanted behavior has been reported by Lily:

“Getting a popup from asking for location permission. Running macos 13.3.1. How can i stop this?”

I’ve found similar complaints on Reddit:

“Every day safari prompts me for my location when I search for something that looks like an address, it is irrelevant to me so how can I stop it?”

Fact: Selecting the ‘Remember my decision for one day’ option is a temporary fix, because the popup will be triggered again after the day passes!

How To Stop Current Location Prompt

To permanently stop the use current location permission requests proceed as follows:
safari location settings macos ventura

  • 1. Click Safari, in the top-left corner of the screen and select Settings.
  • 2. Tap on the Websites tab.
  • 3. Go for Location.
  • 4. Tweak the location permissions for the websites in question, especially or the one that’s triggering the prompt most often! Go for Deny or Allow instead of Ask.

Have you managed to stop the [website] would like to use your current location prompt? Do you have a better solution or some other problem to report? Share your feedback in the comments!

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