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Posted in News by Mike on October 24, 2022

HomePod 16.1 update

Apple has released HomePod 16.1 with new features such as Matter support, as well as performance and stability improvements. Check out what’s new, including fresh bugs and unfixed problems.

HomePod 16.1 Update

homepod firmware update
This release is available, over-the-air, in the Home app:
Go for Menu (top-right corner) -> Home Settings -> Software Update.

HomePod 16.1 should be recognized and download process starts automatically.

Tip: If it doesn’t simply return to the Home Settings and access Software Update once again.

HomePod 16.1 Features

homepod 16.1 features
The release notes mention a single new feature:

HomePod 16.1 Problems

New issues reported for this version are shared below along with available fixes or workarounds:

  • To be updated! (Contribute in the comments!)

HomePod 16.1 Issues Fixed

The release notes also mention performance and stability improvements. However no specific bug fix is mentioned. Below we have a few problems reported for firmware 16.0. Help us check them out:

  • 1. Siri not able to set Timer. (Status: -)
  • 2. Siri not able to recognize users. (Status: -)
  • 3. HomePod mini laggy after update and unable to execute commands. (Status: -)
  • 4. HomePods can’t be controlled remotely, users has to be within Bluetooth range. (Status: -)
  • 5. Audio cutting out during AirPlay. (Status: -)

Have you installed firmware 16.1 on HomePod or HomePod mini? What’s your feedback? Did you notice any changes not mentioned in this article? What about new issues? Share your findings in the comments!

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