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Arcadia Power, a technology company specializing in helping people harness clean energy, was established in 2014.

Arcadia Power helps everyone by breaking the power-supply monopoly that fossil-fuel companies enjoy by providing everyone with access to energy data and using energy-efficient technologies.

It’s easy to start. Just log into the Arcadia Power website and enter the name of the utility that provides electricity to you. From there, you can see the solar programs that are available in the area and sign up for them. If you go to My Account, you’re able to see what programs are offered to members in the area, and you can even sign up for a free account.

From the top-down menu, you can choose from the following:

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If you join Arcadia Power’s Wind Energy Program, you start buying Renewable Energy Certificates on your behalf based on your utility’s annual energy usage. When you choose to add your utility login, we’ll start matching your usage precisely every month, and you’ll begin tracking exactly how much CO2 and fossil fuels you’re consuming. If we receive your log-in information from a utility, we’ll start tracking your usage by comparing it with our average utility usage every month. You can then see how much CO2 and fuel you’ll save by reducing your energy use each month.

Pay your utilities on a monthly basis with Arcadia Power and your utility will credit you automatically the amount owed. We’re going to bill you directly for your utility charges and any savings that you get by recharging your utility with Arcadia Power. We’ll bill you after 3 days and send your payment to your utility company. You are free to begin and end your day as you like.

Take part in local solar farms by becoming a member of the local solar network. Members will donate money to these solar farms and save a few dollars each month by being able to save money each month on the cost of the electric bills.

Arcadia Power manages the nation’. s largest community solar program, enabling communities to take part in a policy that would tackle energy injustice while spurring job creation through the generation of five terawatt-hours of energy demand for homes and businesses.

Arcadia Power will not charge you any cancellation fees and you are free to do so.

If ever you want to change or delete your Arcadia Power account, contact them at [email protected] from the email address that you used to create your Arcadia Power account. Also, tell them what you want to do by contacting via phone at (866) 526-0083. You may cancel your Arcadia Power account by emailing or calling (866) 526-0083, any time during these hours.

Those who have taken part in the Community Solar program at their residence in the area can expect that their Arcadia Power account will be canceled in 90 to 180 days.

For details on reversing your charge to Community Solar, see the Help section for your state.

During your move, you can upload files to your Arcadia Power account to take advantage of the new address, or you can contact one of our Member Experience team members to find out what will happen next.

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