How To Cancel Sakara Subscription


Sakara Life offers a healthier, fresh food option that delivers fresh food to your door every day of the week. Sakara provides organic and vegan food delivered to homes by a messenger to help people stay busy. No more worrying that they will be hungry after a long day at work or that they will be hungry when they arrive.

Sakara Life, unlike the majority of the meal delivery services we’ve examined, such as Trifecta and Fresh n’ Lean, does not freeze or vacuum-seal the food, and it’s intended to be eaten as soon as possible rather than saved in the freezer for later. Salads and bowls that often feature fresh greens and raw veggies would not freeze well.

The company also provides cleanses and other supplements and dietary items, but its primary concentration is on healthy meal delivery. Sakara Life is clearly marketed to women based on the logo, graphics, and language. It’s a high-energy brand, similar to Paltrow’s website Goop or women’s periodicals like Elle or Women’s Health.

Your first step in preparing for Saka is choosing a meal plan. I selected the Sakara Signature Program because it was the one I tried the fastest, but you can also get a very intense detox and do a wonderful bridal cleanse for 20 days.

For our Signature meal plan, we allow you to select the number of meals that you’d like to eat a day (e.g., one, 2, or 3) and the number of days that you’d like to eat them (e.g., two, three, or If your goal is to detox after eating one, three, or even four days a week, you could buy a subscription to Sakara Life and get more meals each month.

If you choose to subscribe to a subscription service such as a monthly or quarterly meal plan, sakara and our third- party payment service provider are able to bill you every week for the services you receive (in addition to any taxes or fees associated with such subscriptions). You may be billed differently, and you may get different meals if you change the delivery date or if you upgrade to a different meal service.

You can easily rescind the purchase of any meal by removing the item from the basket and resending it to us, as long as you do not cause any additional charges to you. Cancellate your order for the week you begin your program and for all subsequent weeks by Wednesday at midnight Eastern the week of your order. You are still liable for the full cost of all meals ordered by you that were shipped to you that day.

Ordering products for upcoming weeks is not possible until the last week of the program. You will receive a refund for each order within the next 7 days. If there is something that you would like to change, you have until Wednesday at midnight EST the week prior to beginning the program.

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