How To Cancel Saks Credit Card


Saks One of the stores responsible for Fifth Avenue’s reputation as a world-class shopping destination is its main store in Midtown Manhattan. In 1917, Horace Saks began looking for Fifth Avenue property for a new huge department store, but preparations were halted when the United States entered World War I. By the early 1920s, postwar progress had accelerated, assuring Saks that the time had come. The construction of the ten-story flagship store began in October 1922 and was finished in two years. The now-iconic Saks Fifth Avenue store opened in September 1924, amid great fanfare.

This Agreement contains the Capital One Pricing Information and the Capital One Customer Agreement. The Prices Information shows all offers that were made for Capital One consumer credit cards as at September 30, 2015, and includes offers that were made for your Account via the mail or internet. The exact charges we may charge you are dependent on what card company offers you and what type of credit you have. This Agreement provides key information regarding Capital One. consumer credit cards. If this is a new card that you have acquired, you agree to the terms that this agreement applies to. If this is a new card, you may need to change the conditions that this Agreement applies to.

If insurance is provided by a credit card issuer, and if such insurance is provided, charges may be made on a recurring basis, starting the day after the day of the purchase.

You may close your account at any time by sending a letter to PO Box 10298, Jackson, MS 39289-0298. When you close the Account, you must:

  • Delete your card
  • Remain liable for all sums outstanding under the provisions of this Agreement.

It is possible to determine the Daily Balance for a given Credit Plan by combining the amount of all purchases you make with the interest and penalties on each day, as well as the fees you paid during the day, including but not limited to, charges for going past due dates, and the amount of your available credit. Payments that are made on a Credit Plan in one billing period are deductible to the next billing period if you are granted a grace period to pay debts owed on that Plan.

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