How To Delete Notion Account

Notion is a platform for project management and note-taking that was created to assist members of businesses or organizations in organizing due dates, goals, and tasks for increased effectiveness and productivity. Notion is a platform for collaboration that incorporates kanban boards, tasks, wikis, and databases and supports modified markdown. It serves as a single workspace for taking notes, managing knowledge and data, and managing projects and tasks.

It is a platform for managing files that provides a unified workspace, enabling users to discuss active projects, take part in debates, and get feedback. Most web browsers and cross-platform apps can access it. It has a feature for clipping text from websites. Users can use it to organize their work, manage files, save papers, make reminders, and plan tasks. Equations can be written and pasted in block or inline format due to LaTeX support. Using, users may add real-time notes to embedded videos that are playing in PiP mode on their Notion pages that contain online content.

In Notion, your data is secure. It maintains minute-by-minute backups of the content of your page on our server and stores everything in the cloud. Nevertheless, your data is your own, and makes it simple for you to create your own backups and keep your information portable.

Your Notion account can be deleted with ease. From beginning to end, the process takes around a minute. Just keep in mind to export the information from your Workspace before moving forward. Although Notion keeps your data for around a month, it’s best to take all of your data with you when you leave. You never know if you’ll need anything later on or if you’ll want to go back to Notion.

  • Click on Settings & Members.
  • Click My Account in the sidebar at the top of the window that appears.
  • When you reach the title Danger zone, scroll down.
  • Simply select Delete my account.
  • Before we erase your data, a window will appear asking you to confirm that this is what you want to do.
  • Enter your email account.
  • Click Delete account and workspaces permanently.

When you delete an account, Notion also removes you from any shared workspaces where you are a member or one of several admins, deletes any private workspaces in which you are the only member, and deletes any shared workspaces in which you are the only admin. When you select Delete my account, a warning with a list of all of these workspaces will appear.

There is no reversing this action. Your entire account will be permanently deleted as a result. You will be kicked out of all shared workplaces and have all private workspaces erased. You can formally discontinue using Notion now that you are aware of how to remove your account. You don’t need to be concerned in any way about your workspaces or the data linked to your account.

You can contact Notion for assistance if you ever change your mind or unintentionally erase your account. You only need to send an email to [email protected] to contact the customer experience team. After a month, they might be able to restore your account.

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