How To Delete Oculus Account


The Oculus Quest, a device created by Oculus and a subsidiary of Facebook, is based on the Facebook operating system and provides 360-degree surround-view capability. It uses an Android operating system to allow users to run wireless games and apps. It allows for six levels of position control, and has a camera on the front panel, instead of using separate sensors. These cameras allow Oculus Quest users to be more safe by displaying a screen showing the view of a camera that may be seen if the user departs a designated area.

The Oculus Quest got accolades for its low price and ease of use, as well as enhanced graphical fidelity and tracking over the Oculus Go, but it was derided for its front-heavy design and worse visual quality compared to PC-based VR games. It was also criticized upon launch for being confined to applications accessible on the Oculus Store and lacking backwards compatibility with Oculus Go apps. The later release of Oculus Link prompted a rethink of the Quest, with commentators applauding the device’s enhanced versatility and predicting that devices like the Quest would likely replace PC-only Rift headsets in the future.

If you are no longer using your previous Oculus account, deleting it can help keep your data safe. This process, however, can be difficult. Here’s an overview of how we may assist you in effortlessly deleting your Oculus account.

Tech trends have a finite lifespan, and you may no longer be as excited by the concept of virtual reality as you were before you tried it. If you discover that you no longer enjoy this type of game or that you are wasting too much time playing it that could be better spent elsewhere, it may be in your best interest to totally uninstall it rather than merely not logging in.

  • Log in to the homepage of your Oculus account.
  • Click the gear wheel on the corner of the screen.
  • Choose Account Settings.
  • Select Oculus Account under Account Type.
  • Click the pencil icon to the right of Your Account Name
  • Select Edit Profile Name.
  • Enter the name you want for your new Oculus account, then click OK.
  • Scroll down to find the blue Delete Account button. Click it again to confirm by clicking Delete Account.

People won’t be able to view your Oculus information if you remove it, though it may take up to 90 days to ensure that everything is deleted. During that time, you will be unable to view your Oculus data.

Some of your Oculus information must be deleted separately. For example, you can erase your communications with Oculus Support through your Zendesk account, if you have one, or through the email account you used to connect with Oculus Support. To deactivate your organization as an Oculus developer, you must contact customer service. Oculus may continue to keep certain data in order to comply with local requirements, such as sales receipts in order to comply with local tax rules.

Please keep in mind that once your data is deleted, you will not be able to reactivate it or retrieve anything you’ve added, including all of your Oculus apps and in-app purchases, your Oculus app achievements, your Oculus friends list, any history of interactions with other Oculus platform users, and any content you created on the Oculus platform. This excludes content you’ve shared on your Facebook profile. The Facebook Help Center has more information on how to delete your Facebook account. You will also be unable to return any apps and will forfeit any existing store credits.

If you decide that you no longer want to remove your account, you have 30 days to rescind your deletion request. If you connect to Oculus using your Facebook account, you can cancel your deletion. Log in to Facebook and select Cancel Deletion. If you connect into Oculus with your Oculus account and want to cancel your deletion, please contact Oculus Support.

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