How To Delete Recently Played on Spotify

Spotify allows users to easily view a history of their listening activities whether that be through the app on their phone or the desktop interface. You will see your recent playlists right away, and you will also be able to look at all the podcasts that you have listened to in the past few months.

Spotify preserves a record of your listening habits, which you can access via the app on your phone or the desktop interface. You can view your most recently played playlists and podcasts immediately on the main screen, or you can go a little deeper to see your entire listening activity over the last several months.

By scrolling down on the main screen, you may see your most recent Spotify playlist and podcast history. Your song listening history is stored somewhere else. It works the same way on both the iPhone and the Android.

Spotify makes it easy to track all the latest playlists and podcasts that you have been listening to. Spotify has a section on its home screen where you can see what you’ve already listened to and which podcasts you’ve been listening to. The desktop app also lets you access the library by clicking on a playlist or a podcast you’re interested in. This is best if you want to watch playlists or listen to podcasts, but you will need to download them individually to access them.

This may also come in useful if a friend or family member logs into your Spotify account to play music on the speaker and you don’t want them to view your recently played music or podcasts. To do so, use Spotify’s desktop programs for Windows or Mac to remove your recently played songs. Please keep in mind that while the functionality to remove the Recently Played list is not available on the mobile apps or Spotify web player, erasing the recently played list on the desktop software clears your recently played list from all devices that utilize your Spotify account.


Windows or Mac

  • Launch the Spotify desktop application
  • Go to ‘Your Library’ section on the left, there will be a menu.
  • Click on ‘Recently Played’ option
  • The next screen displays recently played playlists.
  • Hover your mouse over the recently played item you want to delete and click the three-dots icon.
  • Click the ‘Remove from Recently Played’ option in the menu that appears.
  • Select the option, the title will be removed from your ‘Recently Played’ list.

When you click the button, the item will be removed from the “Recently Played” list. This removes the item from all other Spotify devices associated with your account, including mobile devices. Unfortunately, there is no way to wipe the “Recently Played” list all at once, so you’ll have to repeat these steps to remove each entry.

It is impossible to clean your Recent Plays list when using a phone app and/or a web browser, but if you clear your Recent Plays list by using a desktop client, it will be removed even when you are using a phone.

That is how you can view your Spotify listening history on desktop and mobile. If you want to see insights into your Spotify listening habits. For more similar hints, check out our list of the finest Spotify tips and tricks.

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