In Safe Mode, Android will provide a way for us to temporarily disable some of our services if we encounter trouble with some of our apps or widgets. Sometimes you need to force your device to start in safe mode, like when you press or hold a button to start the device in safe mode. To find the correct steps for a particular Android device, click Help, and select the device you are trying to use.

It is the default state of an Android device when you restart it in order to fix setup issues or when an app isn’t working properly. If you select Safe Mode, the system’s main operating system program is loaded. You may be able to safely shutdown the phone by encrypting the data on it, to avoid being hacked by other apps.

Encryption secures the data that you have stored on the smartphone, thereby preventing anyone from accidentally accessing it. If the phone is locked, it will not allow the users to access Safe Mode, but they will have to login to the administrator account with a password to enable Safe Mode.

It is usually possible to test whether or not a program is causing problems with the Android device you are using; this will disable any unwanted apps on the device. If you see considerable speed increases when your smartphone is in safe mode, a third-party software is most likely to blame. While your Android device is booted into safe settings, it is important that you check whether anyone else has experienced the same problems. Recently, an Android bug in the system WebView causes apps to start randomly.

You can only install programs and software on your phone or tablet if it was sold with it, and you do not have to install anything new. If your phone starts to perform better when you start it in safety mode, it’d be worthwhile uninstalling some of the installed programs. If you don’t know what application is crashing your device, uninstall it by restarted the machine and uninstalled the app that caused the crash (apps can be uninstalled in the background if safe) If you are not sure what app is crashing your device, try removing the app that was installed the newest.

  • Hold down the Power button.
  • Select the Restart option.

You also have the option to enable safe mode in your device’s notification system by navigating to the Settings menu in the app store and selecting the Safe Mode option from the incoming messages. During safe-mode use, you will be able to safely install unwanted apps, and you will still be able to use the phone’s main features. If the app that caused your issue suddenly stops working, you should try uninstallation of all harmful apps and restart your device and try to install apps and games incrementally, watching to see if the issue comes back.

If the phone crashes, overheats, or does other unusual things during safe operation, it may be related to the operating system or the phone’s hardware, not a software download. If restoring it from factory settings fails to resolve the problem, tell the store where you bought the device, the carrier where you purchased it, or the manufacturer of the phone you purchased to find out if the phone can be repaired or replaced.

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