Salams is committed to connecting progressive, smart, fun, and intriguing Muslims in a halal manner. Explore Salams Love to find a life partner, or go to Salams Connect to meet new people and network.

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Salams (also known as Minder) provides a unique opportunity for Muslims to find other Muslims and to form friendships. Minder is a social networking website that was launched to help Muslims around the world get engaged. We’d like to help match people who like to share our values and beliefs, with people who share the same faith and lifestyle as you. Minder seemed like a good name, but it didn’t truly reflect what we were trying to accomplish. Our main focus has always been helping Muslims get married, but over time, we’ve added a friend component as well. Locate Muslims living near you and start a lasting friendship with others in the area.

Salams makes Muslim dating easy, safe, and secure. Browse profiles to find out about a person’s sect, education, employment, height, prayer levels, and other details. Salams allow you to just spend time with people you enjoy. Get matched to your potential marriage partner, match & connect with Muslims who match your interests, and make friends with other Muslims by interacting with individuals of the same gender.

This app for Muslims is easy to start using. All you have to do is swipe left if you’d like to meet someone, and swipe up if you don’t want to meet anyone. By clicking on someone you’re interested in, we won’t ask you any questions. When someone is interested in you, we will notify you by email if that person is interested in you. When someone you like and meets the criteria you have chosen, we’re happy to let you know, and if it is a good fit, we’re happy to start a conversation. If people tell you that you’re dating someone who you don’t like, it’s as simple as blocking those people.

Salams is completely free to download and use for all of our primary features. If you want to get more out of Salams, you can subscribe to Salams Premium. Salams Premium prices and features are clearly displayed in the app. Some considerations if you opt to subscribe to Salams Premium.

24/7 Live Chat

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You will see the charge on the day that you confirm that you have purchased the product, and if you have not canceled that subscription, the charges will appear on the day that you will receive the subscription. If you cancel that subscription, you will receive a bill that will allow you to cancel the subscription.

You have the option to delete your Salams account at any moment. Simply launch the app, navigate to the “Preferences” area, then scroll down to the “Delete Account” option. When you remove your account, you will lose all of your matches, conversations, and profile data. Your profile is not deleted when you deactivate the Salams app. You must follow the steps outlined above. If your account has been deleted, then you cannot use the login credentials of that account. You have to create a new account if you want to use the greeting app again.

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