Santivirus, an anti-malware utility, is categorized as a potentially unwanted program (PUP) by numerous security researchers. Usually, file-bundles are used to distribute SAntivirus. Such tools are extremely prevalent, and despite the fact that they don’t intend to harm the computers they end up being installed on, their presence there may be particularly intrusive. Additionally, their deceptive malware warnings may frequently encourage users to install additional unwanted software or to buy the paid version of SAntivirus when they don’t actually need it.

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Segurazo Antivirus, whose founders are industry leaders, offers users full virus protection, including a feature to help them prevent viruses from infecting their computers; it claims to also protect users from malware threats, in real time; and to enhance their computer performance.  Although the free services are not intended to be used by users, some computer users found the offer extremely unusual.

The majority of users discovered that the program had been installed on their system without their knowledge, most likely as a result of software bundling when installing freeware, even though some users had downloaded the program directly from its official website after clicking on a misleading advertisement or a false update prompt on a malicious website

According to reports, the program automatically scans your computer for problems that could endanger your security before providing you with a list of problems that your computer has. Numerous customers said that these scans turned up hundreds of problems which raised doubts about the program’s reliability. Later it was found that the majority of these issues or problems were made up in order to upgrade or buy the full edition of the software.

As a result, the majority of people desire to get rid of Santivirus since they find its existence annoying. This software might need to be uninstalled in a few more steps than usual. Make sure you follow each of these instructions.

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  • Disabling the network connection
  • Utilize the SAntivirus Uninstaller.
  • Press Windows key + R, enter regedit, and then click OK to clean your registry.
  • Be sure to right-click each item in HKEY LOCALMACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftTracing and delete it.
  • In the installation folder, forcibly erase any residual files.
  • Empty the recycle bin

In order to successfully uninstall SAntivirus, you must locate and delete all related Registry entries in addition to running its uninstaller. You must then return to the SAntivirus folder and remove any leftover files there in order to completely uninstall SAntivirus.

There’s a high possibility that this possibly unwanted malware will return to your computer if you let anything associated to SAntivirus stay on it. To ensure that your PC is free of this malware, you must be really thorough with this cleanup and discover and remove every last piece of data connected to it.

To completely remove sAntivirus, there are many stages that take a lot of time. If you are capable of finishing all the actions, you should definitely do so. If you are not at ease with all the processes, however, you can buy and download software that is reputable and skilled at deleting these kinds of files.

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