How To Delete SmugMug Account


SmugMug is an internet platform particularly for photographers that allows users to create an online portfolio of their work. It also offers e-commerce capabilities, allowing users to sell their images to customers all around the world.

SmugMug handles the entire image sales process, from money processing through printing and shipping. As a result, it is a fantastic all-in-one option for photographers trying to sell their work as well as those seeking a portfolio site.

SmugMug caters to a wide range of users, from professional photographers to novice photographers. SmugMug provides a variety of capabilities to professional photographers, ranging from password-protected galleries to e-commerce solutions, to help them with their business.

SmugMug, on the other hand, is not just for professional photographers. SmugMug is an excellent solution for every photographer who wants to share and save their photographs because it offers limitless photo backup and easy portfolio development.

SmugMug, in addition to photography features, permits video uploads, video portfolios, and video download sales, so videographers will enjoy it as well.

SmugMug offers basic photography selling plans, but no one controls what price your photographs are sold at. Prices for Basic and Power plans are currently set so that they cover the costs of operating SmugMug, so you should not expect to make a large amount of money on these plans. You may also be able to sell images for a low price on the Basic and Power plans.

Basic plans enable you to build a quick and easy portfolio of photos, back up all of the photographs you have taken, and then let friends and family buy copies of the photographs that you have taken. You may choose to pay more for more features, if you eventually plan to sell photographic prints for a profit.

  • Click Account Settings.
  • Select Me > Subscription > Close Account > Continue.
  • Fill out the optional survey, then click the Close My Account button.
  • To deactivate your account, enter your password and click “Yes, Close My Account.”

You can also cancel the service at any time by going to the Account Settings tab and selecting the “Cancel” link, or by contacting [email protected] and writing to [email protected] and telling them clearly what you want to do. SmugMug may start a new Subscription if you have not previously canceled it. If we receive your request, we’ll notify you by email that the service has been successfully canceled. SmugMug will require some information to cancel your account.

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