How to Fix Last Line No Longer Available on iPhone

You may be familiar with Last Line No Longer Available error if you have a Dual SIM iPhone. In this tutorial, we’ll show you all the possible ways to fix the Last Line No Longer Available issue.

What Does the Last Line No Longer Available Mean?

The error is likely to affect the most popular line on an iPhone, which supports dual SIM. If you own multiple cellular plans that are linked to your iPhone with the standard SIM as well as an eSIM, you might encounter this issue.

The error is seen the most frequently when trying to dial out using your “default” SIM, using the latest call logs under Phone> Recent. An error message will give you the option of calling with your “remaining” Phone. It’s possible to tap “Call” in the window that appears to be aware that it will call from any number that isn’t selected to be your primary number.

Which iPhone Models are affected?

This issue first erupted on its head after Apple introduced its first dual-SIM iPhones released in 2018, specifically those with dual-SIM capabilities, the iPhone XS and XS Max. Since then, every iPhone equipped with dual-SIM features has been susceptible to the problem. This is true for every version of iPhone 11, iPhone 12, iPhone 13, iPhone SE (2022) as well as iPhone SE (2022), and iPhone 14 (including Pro and Max models).

How to Fix Last Line No Longer Available issue on Your iPhone

You can follow the suggestion below for fixing the Last Line No Longer Available error on your iPhone.

  • To resolve the “last line is no longer being used” error, ensure that your Phone has been updated to the most recent version of iOS. 
  • Try manually switching lines by pressing “Call” after your call has failed.
  • Also, try starting your iPhone or restricting the data you use for cellular to the secondary line in settings > Cellular and Cellular Data.
  •  After that, switch the secondary line to off.

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