How To Merge Duplicate Contacts On Mac in macOS Ventura

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Merge duplicate contacts on Mac

Looking for a way to merge duplicate contacts on Mac? macOS Ventura does include this option in the stock Contacts app. Your computer is able to find duplicates and allows you to quickly merge them in bulk or selectively.

How to Merge Duplicate Contacts On Mac

how to merge duplicate contacts on mac

  • 1. Open Contacts app from the Dock, or using Spotlight Search (command + Space).
  • 2. Click on Card, in the top-left menu bar.
  • 3. Go for Look for Duplicates…
  • 4. Click Merge and all duplicates will be merged in bulk.
  • Fact: Merging contacts cards combines the cards and keeps all the unique information in a single card.

How to Selectively Merge Duplicate Contacts In macOS Ventura

If you want to merge only some of the duplicates you have to wait until they show up in the list of contacts in the Contacts app:
how to merge selected cards macos ventura

  • 1. Merge duplicate cards has to show up on the Contacts app home screen.
  • 2. Click it and select the duplicate cards that you want to merge.
  • 3. Go for Card -> Merge Selected Cards.

Link Contacts Instead Of Merging

If you add several accounts to the Contacts app like Yahoo and Google, you may have multiple cards for the same contact!
Each card remains, but the Contacts app shows just one card with the combined information:

  • 1. Open Contacts and select the cards that you want to link.
  • 2. Click Card, in the top-left menu bar.
  • 3. Go for Link Selected Cards.
  • Tip: If you have a duplicate card in a Yahoo account and a card for the same contact in your Google account you can select them all and go for Card -> Merge and Link Selected Cards.

Have you managed to merge Contacts on Mac in macOS Ventura? Do you have questions or problems to report? Share your feedback in the comments!

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