Programming a GE Universal Remote for an Element television can be a simple and easy process. Here, we’ll guide you through the steps and instructions to get your GE remote working seamlessly with your Element TV.

Check Compatibility:

First of all, you need to ensure that your GE Universal Remote is compatible with Element smart televisions. Most GE remotes are versatile and should work, but it’s always a good thing to check and confirm this in your remote’s manual book.

Find the Code: 

GE Universal Remotes come with a manual that lists codes for various TV brands. Look for the code for Element in your manual. If you can’t find it, don’t worry; we’ll provide steps for a code search as well.

Steps to program your GE remote control to Element TV with remote codes

  1. Make sure your Element TV is turned on.
  2. Press and Hold the Setup Button on your GE remote control. It is to locate the “Setup” button and press and hold it until the indicator LED light on the remote turns on. It typically takes a few seconds.
  3. Enter the code by using the number keypad on your remote. Enter the code for Element TV that you found in the manual, or you can see below. The indicator light on the remote should turn off if the code is correct and accepted. If not, it will blink. If it blinks, then you need to try entering the code again.
  4. You need to test the remote. Point your remote at your Element TV and press any buttons like Volume Up/Down or Channel Up/Down to see if they work or not. If they work fine, then your programming is successful. If not, you may need to repeat the process with a different code.

How To Program GE remote to Element TV without Remote Codes

If you don’t know about your TV brand remote codes or are unable to find the 3 or 4 digit GE remote codes for your Element TV. You can choose the code search method for programming your remote to Element TV. Follow the below-given instructions to program your remote:

  1. Turn on your Element TV.
  2. Press and Hold the Setup Button on the remote, locate the “Setup” button, and press and hold it until the indicator light on the remote turns on.
  3. Enter Code Search Mode to press the “TV” button once. The indicator light will blink once and then remain on.
  4. You can start a code search to aim the remote at your TV and press the “Power” button. The indicator light will turn off and then come back on.
  5. Keep pressing power to continue to press the “Power” button every few seconds until your TV turns off. It might take some time as the remote is cycling through codes.
  6. Lock in the Code: Once your TV turns off, press the “Setup” button to lock in the code. The indicator light should turn off.
  7. Test the Remote: Point the remote at your Element TV and try the volume and channel buttons to ensure they work.

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If the remote doesn’t work as expected, you may need to repeat the code search process, as it might not have found the correct code the first time.

Table of GE Universal Remote Control Codes for Element TV
Code Types Models Remote Codes
3 Digit 020, 081
4 Digit V1 (2006 to 2011) 1025, 0020, 1173, 0081
4 Digit V2 and V4 (2011-2012) 5352, 5313, 5483, 5139, 5353
4 Digit V3, V5, CL3, CL4, CL5 5421, 4111, 2401, 6171, 1091, 1651, 5831, 5361, 5411, 2891, 1741, 5471, 5841, 5341, 6021
4 Digit CL3 After 2013 5361, 1741, 4111, 2891, 5411, 2401
4 Digit CL4 After 2016 5421, 1651, 6171, 2401, 5841, 5341, 6021,5361, 5471, 2891, 1741, 1091, 5831
4 Digit CL5 After 2019 5421, 5341, 2401, 5471, 5831, 6171, 1091, 1651, 2891, 1741, 5361, 5841, 6021

In summary, programming a GE Universal Remote for an Element TV involves finding the correct code or using the code search function. Once programmed, your remote should allow you to control your Element TV seamlessly. If you encounter any issues, consult your remote’s manual or Element TV’s user manual for further guidance.


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