How To Reset Tamagotchi

If you are trying your reset tamagotchi but the screen keeps going back. You tried A+C but nothing happened. Also hit the little back button which takes me to a screen that shows an egg, but after pressing any button. It returns to the same screen. Does anyone know how to get a baby?

What is Tamagotchi?

Tamagotchi, a handheld digital pet brand first introduced by Bandai in Japan in 1996. It  is a line of digital pets. The name “Tamagotchi,” a combination of “tamago” and “gnocchi,” is a Japanese word that means “egg.” The Tamagotchi was designed to mimic the experience of having a virtual pet. Users can care for, and nurture, a digital creature.

The Tamagotchi devices feature a small LCD that shows the virtual pet’s various activities. The virtual pet begins as an egg, which hatches to become a baby creature. The user is responsible for caring for the pet, including feeding, cleaning, and playing with it.

What are the steps to Reset a Tamagotchi?

If you want to reset a Tamagotchi virtual pet, you can follow these general steps or instructions for resetting your device:

Locate the reset button: You can see the reset button on your Tamagotchi. But, the location of the button may vary on models. It is usually a small, recessed button that requires a thin object like a paperclip or pen tip to press.

Power off the Tamagotchi: You can turn the tamagotchi off by removing batteries. 

Press and hold the reset button: Use a small, pointed object to press and hold the reset button. It is often located on the back or underside of the Tamagotchi.

Keep holding the button: While continuing to hold the reset button, power on the Tamagotchi by inserting the batteries or following the instructions for your model.

Release the reset button: After a few seconds, release the reset button. The Tamagotchi should now be reset to its initial state.

Note: Resetting a Tamagotchi will erase all previous data and progress, returning it to its factory settings. Make sure to save any important data before performing a reset.

If you have a specific model of Tamagotchi or encounter any difficulties during the reset process, consult the user manual or manufacturer’s website for detailed instructions.

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