How To Reset Vizio Soundbar

There are a many of reasons that you are getting issues the Vizio soundbar. You can resolve the problems after resetting the sound bar.

You need to reset your vizio soundbar to default factory settings. The settings you have made are deleted on your soundbar.

Resetting the Vizio soundbar will take less than one minute but why do you need to do it?

When you alter the settings there are a few things that could cause problems with your soundbar. The only option is to reset it if you aren’t sure what modifications have led to the problem.

Why should you set the sound bar of Vizio to a new setting?

Every malfunction requires you to restart the soundbar of Vizio. However, certain issues can be resolved without reset. Certain problems require additional methods instead of resetting. Whatever issue you’re facing with your Vizio soundbar is experiencing our guide will assist you.

Soundbar Doesn’t Receive Audio Soundbar

If you’re experiencing no sound coming from your Vizio soundbar you can try pressing the volume-up button, and then increasing the volume from an audio source that is external.

Check that the input on the soundbar is connected to the correct device. If none of the above work, the final step is the reset of your Vizio soundbar, which is provided at the end of the guide.

Buzzing Sound

If you hear the sound of a buzzing emanating from the Vizio Sound Bar, then remove any wireless device from it, including your phone.

Try replacing the connection cable or switching the input type. The type of input you used previously could be not working properly. If none of these solutions work Try resetting your Vizio soundbar to reset it.

Blinking of LEDs , and other issues

Sometimes , due to problems with setting LEDs begin flashing. It is difficult to identify the reason. Other similar issues can be as well caused. The only solution is to reset the Vizio soundbar.

There were some issues which led to having the Vizio Soundbar reset. We will now discuss the procedure to reset the Vizio soundbar in all models.

How to Reset Vizio Sound Bar

You need shudown your soundbar off for 10 secs and then turn it back on Before starting the reset process. Sometimes, it can solve every issue. You can follow the below instructions for resetting your Vizio soundbar by default factory settings

  1. Click buttons “Input” or “Bluetooth” buttons , and press them them for 1 to 2 minutes. The Vizio soundbar will then start to restart. If not, you can try following the steps.
  2. Continue pressing and holding and hold the “Input” as well as the “Volume Up” buttons for 1 to 2 minutes.
  3. Hold and press your “Input” as well as the “Volume up” buttons for 1-2 minutes. If the previous two methods failed to work with the soundbar you have, then this technique can work.

Three of these reset options will work with every sound bar. This means there is no issue with setting because everything will be reset to default settings.

If you are still experiencing any issues in or with your Vizio sound bar, then you need to investigate other issues that are related to the hardware.

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