How To Turn Off The PS5 Console

PlayStation 5 is now with us for a few more months. Although it seems difficult to access a new generation console by Sony due to a lack of stock, those who have been able to take advantage of its great offers have been there for some time. It offers a wide range of exclusive games and the chance to enjoy proposals from older generations. But the most important feature is its controller.

DualSense is a new feature on the next-generation console that offers sensations that bring you closer to your proposal. The controller also features an integrated microphone that allows us to communicate with friends and game partners without needing additional accessories.

While the remote has many good points, its microphone is imperfect. It is because the microphone activates by default once the remote is turned on. This can make other players listen to you at all times. There are two solutions to this problem.

Methods of muting the DualSense microphone on the PS5 controller

The first is easy and involves pressing the button just below the PlayStation button. The default setting is to turn the microphone off, but if you press it, an orange light should be displayed, indicating that the microphone was deactivated. This solution is only temporary; the microphone will activate again whenever the controller is turned back on.

The second option will disable the microphone automatically. You must go to “Settings” on the console to enable the “Sound” option. There will be three sections within this section, but you must choose “Microphone”. Once inside, you’ll see “Microphone status,” which will display “Activated” by default. To display the dropdown, click on this option and choose “Mute”.

If the DualSense controller is not used, then turn off PS5.

You must push a button on your DualSense console to activate it without DualSense controller.

This is the simplest way to go, and it doesn’t cause any harm to the console unless it’s on standby mode.

  1. Locate the power button. The power button can be found on the left, just above the black plate in the middle. If you have an upright console, it will be at the bottom.
  • While the PS5 Digital Edition only has one button, the disc tray version has two. The power button is on the left; the next is used to eject the disc tray.
  1. Hold the power button down.
  • To disable PS4 Hold the power button down. After two beeps, the console will turn off. When it turns off, the console will display the appropriate message and warn you not to touch its power cord.
  • The PS5 will go into rest mode if you press the button for a single sound. If the console is already on standby, you should avoid this.

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