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Posted in Errors and Issues by Mike on October 9, 2023

Flashlight battery usage on iPhone.

Seeing unreal Flashlight battery usage on iPhone since iOS 17 update? Battery app shows that the torch was On for a long amount of time and drained a considerable amount of power, although you’re sure that you haven’t used and it on purpose or accidentally?

Flashlight Battery Usage iOS 17 Issue?

flashlight battery usage ios 17

Flashlight battery usage stats. Credits: Reddit.

This problem has been reported by Doris:

“Monitoring battery drain on iPhone and Flashlight shows up as main app in the Usage section. This must be wrong. I’m sure I never used it and it couldn’t be on for 7 several hours as I would have definitely noticed it.”

We did not notice this glitch until know but have managed to find a couple of similar complaints on Reddit:

“Can anyone explain why my Flashlight is using so much battery while it’s turned off?” (iPhone 14 Pro Max)


“Flashlight on for 9 hours, even though it’s not? iOS 17.0.3. (iPhone 13)”

In fact, this issue doesn’t be appear to be an iOS 17 specific glitch. An user has mentioned it 10 months ago:

“Why does it say I was using the flashlight for 13 hours and 11 minutes?”

How To Fix Unreal iPhone Flashlight Battery Usage

We’ve reported this unexpected behavior to Apple to make sure that they’re aware of it. If you’re experiencing the same problem please confirm it in the comments section.

Until then, there’s not to much that you can do about it besides double-checking for accidental flashlight sessions.

Also, we recommend you to reboot iPhone to make sure that the flashlight process isn’t hanging in the background and actually causing battery drain although the torch isn’t physically On.

Tip: Use the force restart trick mentioned here.

Are you encountering any other erroneous reading in Settings -> Battery -> Usage By App (Activity By App)? Share your findings in the comments.

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