Instagram On iPad Not Working, Cannot Post Stories? (Fix?)

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Posted in News by Patricia on October 30, 2022

Instagram on iPad very small

Instagram on iPad not working properly? You cannot post stories since updating to iPadOS 16? App is displayed very small and can’t be enlarged? Software is crashing every couple of minutes? You’re not the only one.

Instagram On iPad Not Working iPadOS 16

These problem has been initially reported by Karin:

“Instagram is no longer working on my iPad Pro 4th generation. It displays Instagram only very small. It cannot be enlarged. Also not with the new stage manager. I can no longer post stories. I can create them. But the button to post them is missing.”

confirmed by AH (iPad Pro 3, iPadOS 16):

“Lot of problems on instagram. I can not find post option to post my Story on instagram now. And the app is crashing every 3 to 4 mins on minute work.”

Are you also experiencing the same? We couldn’t replicate these issues on iPad (7th gen). If you’re experiencing the same please share it in the comments. Do mention your iPad model.

How To Fix Instagram Issues in iPadOS 16

Instagram on iPad is available via the iPhone app. Meta hasn’t released, to this date, an Instagram app for iPad. However, up to the iPadOS 16 update, the app could be enlarged via a zoom-in button available in the bottom-right corner of the screen.

That doesn’t seem to be available anymore. More the resolution mismatch is causing the Post Stories button not to show up, thus making it impossible for users to post a new story.

There’s not much that you can do at this moment. We’ve tried without success:
– rebooting iPad
– deleting and reinstalling the iPad

The solution could be provided by Meta, with an app update for Instagram that corrects this problem or by an upcoming iPadOS 16 software update. So, check the App Store (direct link) for a new version.

Workaround for Instagram Issues On iPad

An option is to access your Instagram account via Safari.

However, the web version also comes with a few shortcomings:
– Instagram stories cannot be created in the web version.
– Comments below the post can’t be read.

Have you managed to find a better workaround for these Instagram problems on iPad? Do you have other problems to report? Share your feedback in the comments.

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