iOS 15.6 Problems, Issues? Should I Update? New Features?

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Posted in News by Patricia on July 27, 2022

iOS 15.6 update

Apple has released iOS 15.6 build number 19G71. It comes with enhancements, bug fixes and security updates. However, new versions can also include fresh issues and glitches! Check our extended review and contribute with your own feedback.

iOS 15.6 Features

iOS 15.6 release notes
Apple’s release notes only mention an enhancement that’s related to the TV app. You can now restart a live sports game that’s already in progress. Pause, rewind and fast-forward playback controls are also available.

If you notice other changes please mention them in the comments and we will update them here:

iOS 15.6 Bug Fixes

The update log mentions three issues that have been fixed:

iOS 15.6 Problems

New issues spotted in this release are listed below:

  • Battery drain issue has been reported by Dejan “iOS 15.6 extreme battery drain.
    With normal use for 4 hours, 30% less battery.”

    Important: iPhone will reindex data after an iOS update. Accentuated battery drain for the first 24 hours after the update isn’t uncommon. If this issue continues after a couple of days, a battery draining issue can be invoked.

    Tip: If you also feel that iOS 15.6 is draining iPhone battery faster than iOS 15.5, please report it in the comments. Also, check out the troubleshooting options provided here.

  • To be updated!

iOS 15.6 Should I Update

This is probably Apple’s latest update to iOS 15, as we’re only weeks away from the public release of iOS 16, which is currently beta tested.

If you’re ok with iOS 15.5 I would wait a couple more days to see if any new issues are reported!

The undisputed benefits are the security updates included in iOS 15.6, as well as the above mentioned improvements and bug fixes. However, we’re still waiting to see if there are any hidden bugs included too.

Is iOS 15.5 Still Signed?

Yes, at the time of writing iOS 15.5 is still signed, this means that you can downgrade to this previous version if you’re not satisfied by iOS 15.6.

However, be aware that Apple might stop signing iOS 15.5 anytime now, which will make a downgrade impossible.

Tip: You can check the real time iOS 15.5 signing status on

Have you updated to iOS 15.6? What’s your feedback? Did you encounter any new issues worth mentioning? Share them in the comments and we’ll try to replicate them and find workaround or troubleshooting options.

Related: iOS 15.6 comes along iPadOS 15.6 (19G71), watchOS 8.7 (19U66), macOS 12.5 (21G72), tvOS 15.6 (19M65) and HomePod 15.6.

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