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Posted in News by Patricia on October 27, 2022

iOS 15.7.1 update

Apple has released iOS 15.7.1 build number 19H117, a different build from the RC (19H115) seeded one week ago. This is a good sign for iPhone users that ended up with a bricked Face ID after the Release Candidate update.

iOS 15.7.1 Update

This release brings security fixes for users that don’t plan to upgrade to iOS 16 yet.

It’s available, over-the-air in Settings -> General -> Software Update on devices running iOS 15.7 / iPadOS 15.7 or earlier.

Tip: It can be also installed with the help of a computer (Mac or Windows) under the form of a clean install or downgrade from iOS 16.1 or any other iOS 16 version.

Fact: For a wired update you need to download the appropriate IPSW file for your iPhone model. You can find the direct links at the end of this article.

iOS 15.7.1 Problems

Apple recommends this update to all users. However, you might want to wait a bit to see if there are any serious bugs surfacing in this new build. We’re listing them here along with available workarounds:

  • To be updated! (Contribute in the comments!)

iOS 15.7.1 Security Fixes

Apple mentions over a dozen security fixes in the support document of this update including vulnerabilities for:

  • Audio – “Parsing a maliciously crafted audio file may lead to disclosure of user information.”
  • Backup – “An app may be able to access iOS backups.”
  • FaceTime – “A user may be able to view restricted content from the lock screen”
  • Safari – “Visiting a maliciously crafted website may leak sensitive data.”
  • Wi-Fi – “Joining a malicious Wi-Fi network may result in a denial-of-service of the Settings app.”

iOS 15.7.1 Bugs Fixed

  • Face ID not working after iOS 15.7.1 RC update. (Status: -)
    Fact: We’re expecting this bug to have been fixed, but are still waiting for confirmations. This issue was one of the reasons for the delayed iOS 15.7.1 release.
  • To be updated! (Contribute in the comments!)

iOS 15.7.1 IPSW Download Links

iPadOS 15.7.1 IPSW Download Links

Have you installed this update on iPhone or iPad? What’s your feedback? Do you encounter any problems or bugs that you want us to check out? Share your findings in the comments!

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