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Posted in News by Patricia on October 24, 2022

iOS 16.1 update

Apple has released iOS 16.1 build number 20B82. It’s the first major iteration to the 16th iOS generation and the fourth update after 16.0.1, 16.0.2 and 16.0.3. Check out all new features, bugs fixed, new issues and more!

iOS 16.1 Issues

Check out the problems listed below before updating to this new release. Available fixes or workarounds will be also updated:

  • To be updated! (Contribute in the comments!)
  • Tip: For more known issues you can also check Apple’s iOS 16.1 Developer release notes.

iOS 16.1 Features

ios 16.1 new features
This update brings over a dozen new features. Most of them are available in the release notes:

  • iCloud Shared Photo Library
  • Live Activities on Lock Screen and Dynamic Island
  • Apple Fitness+ without Apple Watch
  • Wallet App: Apple Card Savings Account an Key Sharing.
  • Matter in Home
  • Clean Energy Charging
  • Books improvements
  • Continuity Camera for iPhone with macOS Ventura.
  • More: We’ve covered all these as well as a couple more iOS 16.1 new features in this extended review!

iOS 16.1 Problems Fixed

The release notes mention three bugs that have been addressed by this update:

  • 1. Deleted texts might continue to appear in the conversation list in Messages.
  • 2. Dynamic Island content not available in Reachability view.
  • 3. CarPlay not connecting when using a VPN app.
  • However, we expect other issues to be fixed without being highlighted. We’ll test them out and let you know. Below you have a list of bugs reported in the iOS 16.1 RC version:

  • 4. Live Activities not available in the Apple TV app. (Status: -)
  • 5. Volume can’t be adjusted during a call, when the iPhone is next to your ear. (Status: -)
  • 6. Swipe Up Home Animation stutters when trying to return to Home screen. (Status: -)
  • 7. Dynamic Island stutters when locking iPhone 14 Pro with Side Button and display transitions to AOD. (Status: -)
  • 8. Keyboard not showing up when swiping for Spotlight Search. This glitch has been reported in previous iOS 16 versions too. (Status: -)

iOS 16.1 Download

iOS 16.1 downloading

  • This update is available, as usual, over-the-air in Settings -> General -> Software Update.
  • Tap Download and Install and be patient until this release is requested, downloaded, prepared, verified and installed on your device.

iOS 16.1 Installation Problems?

  • iOS 16.1 stuck on Update Requested – this happens because Apple has also released macOS Ventura in the same time and the servers might be overloaded.
    Fix: Go for Settings -> General -> iPhone Storage -> iOS 16.1 -> Delete Update and restart the process.
  • Softare Update failed an error occurred downloading iOS 16.1? This might happen if you don’t have enough storage space available. More details here.
    Fix: Free up more space in Settings -> General -> iPhone Storage.
  • Unable to Check for Update iOS 16.1 – This happens when your device is running an beta version and you’ve deleted the iOS 16 Beta Profile. More details here.

Have you installed iOS 16.1 RC on iPhone? What’s your feedback? Spotted any changes not mentioned in this article? What about new bugs? Share your feedback in the comments!

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