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Posted in News by Patricia on October 3, 2023

iOS 17.1 beta 2

iOS 17.1 beta 2 build number 21B5056e is available for Developers. Public Beta coming soon! Check out the new features, bug fixes as well as ongoing issues and new problems reported by early adopters!

iOS 17.1 Beta 2 Issues

Bugs and problems reported by testers are tracked here:

  • 1. Settings app crashes after the first opening. Reported by tbone338.
  • 2. To be updated! (Contribute in the comments!)
  • More: known issues are also available in Apple’s Developer release notes.

iOS 17.1 Beta 2 Features

Enhancements uncovered in this update are available here:

  • 1. New tones are back. Had been removed in Beta 1.
  • 2. StandBy mode gets Display customizations: Automatically, After 20 seconds and Never.
  • 3. To be updated! (Contribute in the comments!)
  • More: iOS 17.1 features are available in our Beta 1 review!

iOS 17.1 Beta 2 Bug Fixes

Problems solved in this version are tracked here:

  • 1. Books app lag has been fixed. Reported by this Reddit user.
  • 2. 80% Battery charging limit bug has been fixed. The limitation is now working as intended. Thanks phipples.
  • 3. iMessage search bug seems to be also fixed. Thanks ColaCano for confirming.
  • 4. To be updated. (Contribute in the comments!)
  • Fact: Bugs from Beta 1 are listed here. Help us determine which of them have been fixed in this build!

iOS 17.1 Beta 2 Download

Important: Apple recommends you to use a secondary device and perform a full encrypted backup before starting.

  • 1. Open Settings -> General -> Software Update using an iPhone XS or later model.
  • 2. Tap on Beta Updates and select iOS 17 Developer Beta or iOS 17 Public Beta!
  • 3. iOS 17.1 Beta 2 will show up on the Software Update screen.
  • 4. Tap Update Now, agree with ToS, input Passcode and be patient until the new software is requested, downloaded, prepared, verified and installed on your device!

Have you installed iOS 17.1 beta 2 on iPhone or iPad? Noticed other changes or issues not mentioned in this article? Have any questions? Use the comments section please!

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