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Posted in News by Vlad on October 17, 2023

iOS 17.1 update

The iOS 17.1 features list is now available! Apple has published the update log in the recently seeded Release Candidate version! When it comes to new features and enhancements, the release notes are identical with the public version!

iOS 17.1 Features List

Apple highlights seven new features in the update log:
ios 17.1 features list

  • 1. AirDrop Over Internet – It’s the highlight of this release! It allows the content to continue to transfer even if devices are not within Bluetooth range anymore, but still connected to the Internet!
  • 2. StandBy Options – allow users to set when the Display should turn off. You can choose between: Automatically, After 20 seconds, Never.
    Fact: After 20 seconds is enabled by default. Never means that the display will never turn off!
  • 3. Apple Music Favorites can now include songs, albums and playlists. Favorites can be filtered to display in Library.
    Fact: Favorites button shows up in CarPlay too.
    apple music favorites ios 17.1
  • 4. Song suggestions at the bottom of every playlist. This way you can add music that fits easier!
  • 5. New Cover Art Collection brings new designs that change colors to match the music that’s playing.
  • 6. Home key support is now available for Matter locks.
  • 7. Specific album can be used with the Photo Shuffle option on the Lock Screen.
  • More New Features

    Other changes and improvements reported by users are listed here:

  • 8. Namedrop on Apple Watch requires watchOS 10.1. (Reported in Beta 1.)
  • 9. New Flashlight animation for Dynamic Island now available on non iPhone 14 models too. (Covered in Beta 1.)
    Tip: You can turn off the torch from the Dynamic Island!
    ios 17.1 flashlight in dynamic island
  • 10. Debit and credit accounts balances and transactions can be seen in the Wallet app (UK only!).
  • 11. Read Now instead of Reading Now in Apple Books.
  • 12. Nintendo Switch N64 support as reported in Beta 1.
  • 13. To be updated. (Contribute in the comments!)

What’s your favorite iOS 17.1 new feature? Did you spot one that’s not mentioned in this article? Share it in the comments!

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