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Posted in Reviews by Patricia on June 24, 2023

iOS 17 beta 2 update

iOS 17 beta 2 update with build number 21A5268h has been seed by Apple and is available for download on all compatible iPhone models! Here are the new features, changes, bugs fixed as well as fresh bugs and problems!

iOS 17 Beta 2 Features

Changes reported by users in this version are highlighted here:

  • 1. Fast Haptic Touch option now available in Settings -> Accessibility -> Touch -> Haptic Touch.
    fast haptic touch ios 17 setting
  • 2. Personal voice feature now working in iOS 17 Beta 2.
  • 3. Shortcuts widget working on Lock Screen without opening the app. Reported by Cinnamon Rage.
  • 4. Medication Reminders critical option now available!
  • 5. Interactive widgets animate on Home Screen.
  • 6. Show Notifications On/Off toggle available in the new Stand By mode settings.
  • 7. Feature Flags is the new term for Experimental Features in Safari settings.
  • 8. Siri offers the option to choose which service to use when using it to send messages.
  • 9. Update Now option instead of Download and Install in the Software Update screen.
  • 10. To be updated. (Contribute in the comments!)

iOS 17 Beta 2 Issues

If you plan to update, here are the problems reported so far along with workarounds:

  • 1. Messages unresponsive randomly. Reported by BoredMind.
    Fix: Reboot iPhone.
  • 2. To be updated. (Contribute in the comments!)
  • Fact: More known issues are mentioned by Apple in the Developer release notes available here.

iOS 17 Beta 2 Bugs Fixed

Issues addressed in this release are mentioned here:

  • 1. Crossfade crashes settings bug reported in Beta 1 has been fixed!
  • 2. To be updated. (Contribute in the comments!)
  • iOS 17 Beta 2 Download

    ios 17 beta 2 download
    This update is available, over-the-air in Settings -> General -> Software Update on iPhone XS or later models that are enrolled to the iOS 17 Developer Beta program.

    How To: In the Software Update section tap on Beta Updates and select iOS 17 Developer Beta option!

    Have you installed iOS 17 beta 2 on iPhone or iPad? Help us track all changes, improvements and issues! Share your feedback in the comments!

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