iOS 17 Beta 3 Rerelease Bugs, Fixes & More (Build: 21A5277j)

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Posted in News by Patricia on July 12, 2023

iOS 17 Beta 3 rerelease

iOS 17 beta 3 build number 21A5277j is a new version released by Apple, one week after the rollout of the initial version. The rerelease comes to fix some of the bugs and issues of the previous version and prepare the public beta seed!

iOS 17 Beta 3 Rerelease

ios 17 beta 3 download
To update to this new version proceed as follows:

iOS 17 Beta 3 Bugs

New and ongoing issues reported for this version are tracked here:

  • 1. Keyboard covers text field making it impossible to see what you type. Happens with various apps like: Messages, Telegram, ChatGPT, LINE, etc. Not fixed for dwojc6 and others.
    Troubleshoot: Force quit and reopen app.

    Workaround 1: Write your reply in Notes or any other text editing app. Copy the text and paste it into the bugged app using the three-finger pinch-out gesture!

    Workaround 2: Command: “Siri, turn on Voice Control”! | Command 2: “Hide keyboard”! Thanks Marcel for this tip.

  • 2. Widgets not working on Lock Screen in this version including: Fitness, Find My, Wallet, Apple Music, Mail, Weather, etc. Reported by bqargen.
    Workaround: Open the app in question and widget will populate, but data might disappear again later.
  • 3. Adblockers not working in this version. AdGuard stopped blocking ads for Techdawgg.
  • 4. Maps slow acting as overloaded for some Reddit users.
  • 5. Threads crashes when trying to upload images. Reported by Eddygraphic.
    Workaround: Open Photos and use the share to Threads option! To send image replies copy picture from Photos and paste into reply field.
  • 6. Google Fi app crashes in this version too!
  • 7. Wireless charging not working for some users. Are you also affected?
    Fix: Reboot device.
  • 8. Live Wallpapers not working for some users.
    Tip: Use Live Photos captured with an iPhone 11 Pro or later.
  • 9. Carrier signal bar not showing in Home Screen status bar for SnkArmz.
    Fix: Reboot device.
  • 10. Unable to Verify Update when installing iOS 17 Beta 3?
    Fix: Go to Settings -> General -> iPhone Storage and delete the iOS 17 update file. Next, restart the update process.
  • 11. To be updated. (Contribute in the comments!)

iOS 17 Beta 3 Notes

Apple has published some comprehensive Developer release notes for this update. You can check them all by tapping the screenshot available below:
ios 17 beta 3 release notes

iOS 17 Beta 3 Bug Fixes

Issues fixed in this version are mentioned here:

  • 1. Keyboard issues are reported as fixed by some users. Can you confirm it?
  • 2. To be updated. (Contribute in the comments!)

Have you installed iOS 17 beta 3 on iPhone? Noticed any changes, features, fixes or issues not mentioned here! Share your feedback in the comments please!

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