iPhone 14 Horizontal Lines On Screen When Waking Up? (Fix?)

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Posted in Errors and Issues by Patricia on December 22, 2022

iPhone 14 horizontal lines on screen

iPhone 14 horizontal line on screen when device wakes up from sleep? One or more yellow or green lines show up for a brief moment before display returns to normal? You’re not alone!

iPhone 14 Horizontal Lines On Screen?

iphone 14 green lines on screen
This issue has been reported by Layla (iPhone 14 Pro Max, iOS 16.2):

“My brand new device shows horizontal lines on screen when I wake it up! Is this hardware?”

We couldn’t replicate this issue but have found multiple other confirmations in this Reddit thread:

  • 1: “When the phone wakes up, horizontal lines flash on the screen. It does that randomly, not every time the phone wakes up.”
  • 2: “I have the exact same issue on my 14 pro max I got 12/12/22.”
  • 3: “I have the exact same issue. My iPhone 14 Pro Max was purchased on 12/13/2022.”
  • 4: “I have similar issue on my new IPhone 14 pro max. Received this morning.”

iPhone 14 Pro Horizontal Lines On Screen Facts

iphone 14 yellow line on screen
Based on the reports available so far we know the following:

  • 1. Recent iPhone 14 Pro Devices Are Affected

    The issue is most common to iPhone 14 Pro Max models purchased recently (in the month of December!)

  • Cause: According to darklardon, this coincides with the timeframe when LG displays have been introduced to the iPhone 14 Pro line!

    Potential Fix: Apple might be able to fix iPhone 14 horizontal lines on screen issue by correcting the LG display driver in an upcoming iOS 16.2.1 update!

  • 2. Main Cause:

    One of the triggers for iPhone 14 horizontal yellow line on screen is when the screen goes off during or after the playback of YouTube, Netflix and other similar videos or streams.

  • Workaround: Nik3m suggests that disabling Background App Refresh in Settings -> General -> Background App Refresh.

  • 3. iOS 16.2 Isn’t The Cause!

    iOS 16.2 doesn’t seem to be the culprit. New iPhone 14 Pro users confirm that they see the horizontal green lines on screen, even before updating their new devices to 16.2!

How To Fix iPhone 14 Yellow Lines On Screen

Cab1X informs that Apple is aware of the problem and that it will be addressed in an upcoming iOS 16.2.1 update!

Until then, there’s not much that you can do, except disabling Background App Refresh as suggested above, but that won’t completely prevent the green lines from re-appearing!

How To Check If Your iPhone 14 Comes With LG Display

What you can do, is check if your 14 Pro model is equipped with an LG display:
iphone 14 pro lg display confirmation

  • 1. Download 3utools for Windows (direct link) computer. Install it!
  • 2. Connect iPhone to computer using Lightning to USB-C cable.
  • 3. Click on Verification Report.

Are you encountering the same green/yellow lines on iPhone 14 screen? Help us determine how widespread this issue is by reporting it in the comments! Do share your purchase date and other useful info.

Also don’t hesitate to mention any other workaround! We will use this thread to submit additional feedback to Apple!

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